Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Independent Selena

We finished our lunch yesterday. I was catching up on a few emails. I heard water running in the kitchen so I went in to see just what Selena was into now. This is what I found.



Selena had made a small a small pile of dishes she had rinsed off on the side of the sink. She informed me that she was doing the dishes for me. I asked her what the next step was and she went right to the dishwasher.


That’s right she loaded the small stack in the dishwasher. Everything went in just as if I were doing the job. She then wiped up the water mess, dried her hands and gave me the proudest smile ever.


I never thought I would have a 4 year old, well almost 5 year old who loves house work like Selena does. Now we will see how long this love of hers lasts.

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  1. This is great! I hope it lasts for you!

  2. Hopefully it will last a very long time! Great job Selena :)

  3. Princess likes to do that too, but only if I'm working with her. I think for her it's more of a social thing.

  4. This is awesome. Selena is a truly independent helpful child. Anna only does things like that once in a blue moon :)