Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday Together

We woke up yesterday morning to a very cold house. Selena actually woke up at 4:30 complaining of being cold. I truly thought I had the heat on so I am thinking she turned it off when she went to bed. With this being said, we didn’t do much as far as school went. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day and fairly warm, so we spent a lot of time out side. We did work in a nap since we had AWANA tonight.

On Monday night though, Selena decided she just truly wanted to Rock-n-Roll, as she put it. She grabbed her rummage sale guitar. It was hilarious watching her, and I enjoyed taking lots of pictures of her jam session. I have a old friend from High School on Facebook, who has his own band, so she made me send him the pictures. Needless to say Dear Dirk got a kick out of them and gave her much praise.

100_5343 100_5344
100_5347 100_5346

I think you can say that Selena had a lot of fun. This truly is a beginning to our new class we will be beginning sometime this week. I had misplaced Selena’s recorder only to find it stuffed in the last place I would ever think of looking today. I am going to teach her how to play it. She has been working a little bit on reading music, with the beginning of knowing the difference between a whole note and quarter note, and can clap out the beat each one gets. We will refer to this site for online free music and videos to assist us in learning. I truly believe Selena is going to have a lot of fun in this new adventure.

On a side note, I was very proud of Selena at AWANA last night. She knew her verses, followed directions very well, and showed great sportsmanship during the games. The one area she does need to work on is patience. There are 14 children in the Cubbies Club when the leader asks the children to regroup at their tables or designated area, Selena is the first to go where she is told to go. It takes quite a bit to get the rest of the children to their proper places, by this time Selena has ran out of patience and is wanting to roam. We will be working on that! As homeschoolers we often hear that one question about….wait it’s coming…I think you know what it is before I even type it here….socialization….well let me just say I never have worried about socialization, even with being an only child, Selena’s social skills, her ability to loose gracefully, communicate with both groups, the children and the adults, and have so much fun the entire evening speaks more then I could ever attempt to try to explain this concept to anyone.

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  1. I've never heard the socialization question.... bwa ha ha ha ha

    Good for her for going where she's told.

    Wait, you mean you've actually turned the heater on? We've still got the AC on down here.

  2. Those pictures are hilarious. Hopefully Selena will get used to Awana and you'll be able to keep her there. It's great that she will start her music education too.

  3. We met some homeschoolers who told me about AWANA. We're thinking of joining. Any advice or tips? Are parents allowed to stay? How big is the commitment? How long are the classes? Sorry for all the questions.