Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Recorder Lesson

On Thursday we decided to start our music lessons. We’ve been working on the different type of notes and how many beats they get. Selena felt pretty confident that she understood that. We printed out our first music sheet from here.


We then watched the video instructions on the computer. We paused and I showed Selena how to play crab with her fingers in order to get the right finger placement on the recorder. I then played through the notes so she could watch my fingers. We turned the video back on and I let Selena just explore.


I loved her concentration level as she watched the video and played along with it. Here she is playing the B note.


Here she is playing the A note.


Then we had the G note.

While she had a hard time getting them all put together, which is expected in the beginning, she has 3 basic notes now that she can work with, practice, and have fun learning to play and read music with. She truly enjoyed these lessons, and thought it was funny that Grandma knew how to play the recorder. So there you have it her very first music lesson.

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  1. I am first in line for tickets to her first concert!! So cute!!!

  2. This is really neat! Selena does look like a born musician. Good luck!

  3. I need to try my kids on this.

    When will we be treated to her first concert video? :)