Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Craft

Selena missed church yesterday from her cold and the fact she couldn’t settle in and go to sleep Saturday night until 10:00. Papa wasn’t feeling real well either so he did not mind staying home with her.

When I got home I felt a craft was in good need for a restless little girl. I had her go find a sock that none of us wear. She appeared with an old sock slipper that use to be mine, that I had given her for play. We found a couple of googlie eyes. With markers Selena sat forth to decorate her sock puppet when she announced was a dinosaur.



What would a craft be without a snack to go with it. She even made sure her sock pocket had a little bite too.


Since it is a dinosaur, she then had to attack hoppy, the dog and anything else she could find that the dinosaur would want to eat. We tried to tell her to make it a nice dinosaur, but she insisted that it had to eat these things because he liked it. She cracks me up sometimes with her imagination.

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  1. It's a nice sock dinosaur. Maybe that's what I should do with the two million slipper socks I get every year. Each kid gives me at least 2. It's kinda crazy.

  2. I have wanted to make some kind of sock puppet with the kids for the longest time, but we never seem to get to it!

    Dad and C both have colds - I'm hoping the baby avoids it! I hope you are all feeling better.

  3. Cute dinosaur! I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  4. Sock puppets are the best for quick entertainment. I love her dinosaur!

  5. Hope she is feeling better. Great sick day craft.

  6. We had a sock craft in the library once - Anna really had fun with it. Sorry that Selena is not feeling well - hopefully the cold won't last long.

  7. We've been wanting to make some puppets, seeing this reminded me. Hope she feels better soon.