Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reading ST and SP Review

I hadn’t planned much of a lesson plan for yesterday since I figured with it being Labor Day and Papa being home, Selena would enjoy spending time with him. She on the other hand begged for school. You know I had to oblige.

We did a quick review of the SH, TH, and CH sounds before moving on to ST and SP from our progressive phonics. Remember me mentioning that Selena now calls her magnetic letters, reading buddies? Well, we took our school work to the white board and she found all the letters she needed to do her lesson. Now at this point I am truly fading into the background as the teacher, as she looks through her little book and begins to do the work on her own. It really isn’t until I say we need to read our little book that she draws me back in to the teacher role.




She practiced with the SP words in the same manner as above. I am enjoying how well she is able to just say the word, or have me say the word and she just finds all the letters and forms the words.

While it ended up being a very short lesson, she was happy to have some school. We will do some reading later today along with more practice on learning America the Beautiful, the song the children will sing Sunday during church service.

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  1. How very very cool. I love how she just takes charge.

  2. Isn't it the best when the child just wants to do something on her own?