Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Yesterday was a good day, but because we had to take Pal to the groomers, and I had meetings that evening we did not do math with our math buddies. Instead I pulled out our flash cards. We stayed with the 0 addition facts. Selena impressed herself by figuring out one hand could represent 0 by making a fist, and the other hand could represent the number being added to that 0 in order to get the answer. We made it up to 0+5=5 before Selena announced she was bored. We will do this exercise periodically to reinforce the skills she is learning with her math buddies and story problems.

It was a very nice sunny warm day, so we ventured outside for some fun. I initiated a walk around the yard to investigate what all our plants looked like. It wasn’t long before Selena found this piece of coral sitting in our front flower bed.


She wasn’t happy with just the little piece we found that had broke off to investigate she had to bring in the entire piece. While we were heading in I picked up a couple different rocks, to compare this piece with. Selena’s observations were that it had little holes. We then came and looked coral up on the computer and she learned that this came from the ocean and that indeed little sea creatures once made this their home.

The other rock I picked up came from our red rock, it as well had holes in it. Then the third one was just an ordinary rock.



After she had investigated all three of these, and lost the little piece of coral, we pulled out a dish of water. I asked Selena what she thought would happen when we put the rocks in the water. She looked at me rather puzzled, so I rephrased my question and asked her if she thought the ones with the holes might float. She thought about that and decided possibly because the holes would have air in them. We then began to drop them in.


She dropped the regular rock in first and as she predicted it sank. The red rock she predicted would float, indeed did float.


She got a big surprise when she put the piece of coral in as she predicted it would float as well. She quickly discovered it did not float, but as it sank air bubbles came out of the rock. I truly wanted to explain why this had happened which will wait for another time, but she was too interested in playing with the rocks at this point.


I think by her face you can see she was pretty thrilled with her little science experiment.


Just because I love this picture!

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  1. I've always found it fascinating that lava rocks float. Fun lesson

  2. Great experiment. My kids love to play with rocks, but I don't think we will find any like that in our yard!

  3. How fun that you found a coral in your front yard. Anna would have been thrilled. Great float/sink experiment!