Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is It Play, Learning or Both?

We woke up yesterday morning, and I looked around to discover just how neglected my house had been while Selena was sick. Between running to all the appointments and all just the bare minimal had been done in the house. I declared yesterday as CLEAN HOUSE DAY!

Selena has been fishing to get her hands into my tub of paper clips and while I busied myself with some cleaning, she did just that. I came around the corner to discover this.


She was trying to divide equal parts of paper clips for each piece of torn paper she had on her little desk. I watched her for a while, then told her to make sure and get them all picked up when she was finished.



In order to put them away she carefully brushed all the paper clips onto one piece of paper. Making sure they were in a nice pile in the center of it or almost center of it.


Ever so carefully she picked that piece of paper up and moved it over to the container to pour the paper clips into it.



Ooops she missed a few, so she carefully picked those up and put them in the container.


No sooner then she got them back in the container then she grabbed this handful, and holding them up asking me, “Is this enough Grandma?” Needless to say it wasn’t long before she gave up on this little game and the paper clips were put away. I love it when she finds something so simple to entertain herself while I am busy. I was also very proud that we only found three that had fell to the floor.


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  1. Very nice! This is the sort of activity I love to write about in my learning laboratory posts - would love for you to link up, if you are so inclined!

    I am so glad that Selena is feeling better! What an ordeal!

  2. I love that she had uninterrupted time to engage in her own investigation of the paperclips. Time to play plus the freedom to explore=learning!

  3. I agree with PP - this is awesome that Selena has set up her own learning activity. Time to figure things out on one's own is so precious!

  4. My kids love to play with paper clips too.