Sunday, August 14, 2011

Science/Life Science


While this picture has nothing to do with our Science, I thought I would share it anyway since it is so cute. I had great plans this week to get out and explore some of the different plants in our yard. I know we have seed pods on our lily and new growth and many of the other shrubs, so I thought it would be fun to go out and examine as much of the shrubs and plants and discover all that we could discover. No, that didn’t happen.

We had quite a life science experience though and one that I feel Selena probably learned more from. On Wednesday Selena and I found ourselves volunteering to go coordinate a luncheon after a memorial service. While it was catered, we still needed to be there to help with many aspect of the kitchen duties. The caterer was a sweet lady and really recruited Selena and had her helping with a lot of things.

Selena was absolutely taken with the huge coffee percolator. She gave us a report from the minute she noticed the clear water and told us it’s color as it made the coffee. That really fascinated her. She also was sat up with a large clear glass dish and asked to arrange the strawberries so they would look pretty in the bowl. We put gloves on her hands and she carefully stacked those strawberries to a vey pretty arrangement with the final strawberry just resting on top. She was so careful, that she only dropped one.

She thought it was pretty neat how two little flames underneath the food warmer was going to keep that BIG pan of meatballs hot. As well as how the gravy on the meatballs thickened as they baked in the oven.

Then the real fun came in when she got to help wash the dishes. By the time everyone showed up at the church to eat, Selena was up to her shoulders in the soapy water washing the plastic food containers and lids. At least it was keeping her out of the way as Pastor and I greeted the guests.

As far as I am concerned even with my plans for science not turning out, Selena had the BEST science lesson all in the one day. She will get more of these experiences now that I have been appointed or voted in as the Special Events Coordinator at the church, a position I feel I will really enjoy.

Science Sunday
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  1. You will be wonderful at that!!! Especially with your wonderful Assistant! =^)

  2. She certainly had a lot of life skill lessons - which are extremely important, too.

  3. You don't really remember how much science there is in life until you stop and take a moment.

    Congratulations on getting the post.

  4. It sounds like a great position for you - congratulations. Selena will learn a lot organizing and attending those events.