Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not Back To School Photos

I have been seeing so many Not back to school photos and love all of them. I couldn’t resist but hop right in there myself. My only problem was I couldn’t figure out which of the three pictures was my favorite, so you get all three.
Meet Selena, my little 4.5 year old student. Notice she is wearing no shoes? I have always loved that fact that she is my little barefoot, free spirited, love bug. It doesn’t matter if it is the middle of the winter or if she is running across gravel and rocks, just let her take her shoes off and she is right at home.

Selena’s favorite part about Kindergarten is the fact that she is homeschooled. We live so close to a school, and she knows a lot of little friends who attend there. As we drive by though it is always their school. When asked about her school she proudly announces, “I am homeschooled, in our BIG house on the little hill.” We have asked her many times if she truly enjoys homeschool, or would she prefer to go to school with her friends, her answer is always the same, “No, I am homeschooled, and that is right where I belong, with my grandma as my homeschool teacher.”
She loves her dog Pal, and was trying to get him in the picture as well. Though Pal wouldn’t cooperate, instead he jumped up over her lap, then back around. We tried though. Selena is my little people, animal, and lover of life. She almost always has a smile on her face. She has been offered plenty of positions as greeter, since everywhere we go, she always has a smile and so warmly tells everyone hi as they enter the room.

We so look forward to a great year in school, with all new adventures, and new experiences everyday.
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  1. My boys keep trying to get a shot with Mac and he doesn't cooperate either

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love that she is so proud of being homeschooled by you. My girls love lesson time, but Tabitha still doesn't understand that she won't be going off to school when she gets older because her big sister goes to school (the boys are both out of school now).

  3. Great pictures - she looks so happy and relaxed.

  4. Very cute pictures! My kids love to be barefoot too!

  5. She is adorable! I bet she can't wait for another great year of learning.

  6. Beautiful smile on the outside, content heart on the inside. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great shots! I love seeing all the future leaders =)