Thursday, May 19, 2011

Writer’s World

I thought we would have a week totally without any sort of schooling, but when Selena discovered the picture I took of her napping, she had to add it to her notebook and write a story about it.

Selenasleeping Selenasleeping2

Selena Sleeping By Selena

Selena sleeps in bed.

Selena Sleeps with a pillow, blanket and hoppy.

She sleeps while sucking her thumb.

Selena woke up.

When I woke up I came out of my room.

I was so tired because I played at the park.

I played on the swing and the slide.

I even went up the big ladder and down the big slide by myself.

The End

Yes, I got her to write more today. With just a few questions and a little prompting I got her to allow me to turn the page so we could fill the back as well. I will admit as we neared the end though, Selena was getting a little anxious for the story to end. She kept going though since she wanted to fill the entire page. Sometimes it is just good to go with the flow and to allow our children to tell us what they want to do. I knew she was going to ask to write a story since she has been packing her notebook around  now the last couple of days reading every story she has wrote. We were just waiting until she found the right picture, or knew just what she wanted to write about.

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  1. It's great that she is so interested in this.

    Is the thumb sucking a problem? R has been sucking her finger since birth (probably before then) and her teeth are a mess. We are putting Mavala (I bought it from Amazon) on her finger now to try to stop the habit, but it has been a battle.

  2. It's interesting how she changed perspectives mid-story - I suppose that means she was getting more into the writing. Very sweet!

  3. Lovely picture and the story. I am sure Selena will be a good writer once the mechanical process of writing stops being such a pain.

  4. That is such an adorable story!