Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tid Bits

We didn’t have much of a chance today to do very much around home. This morning though I did make Selena a new puzzle from an empty box we had from some Goldfish Crackers. We worked with that off and on through the morning. Selena enjoyed the last puzzle that I made her and had started asking for another one, or a new one. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of this puzzle, but if you want to get an idea of what I am talking about you can see our first one here.

I was very proud of Selena while we were at the Church for my meeting today. Since the meeting was at 1:00 p.m. Selena was missing her nap. We moved the meeting to the back classroom and had Selena go into the Nursery to play. She played through the first half of the meeting by herself, staying very well satisfied with all the new toys that she discovered. The second half, she came into the room where we were and played quietly with some blocks in there, as well as scribbling on some paper. A few times she slipped out just to go see what Pastor was doing, and got a little upset when he didn’t share his apple with her. Curiosity got the best of her, when she just had to know what was behind one door, only to discover to her surprise that it went out the back of the church, since it was raining out, she didn’t go out of it. She did very well considering the meeting ended up lasting a whole hour and a half.

She is very happy to know that she is now going to be in a Sunday school class. It looks like what I thought would be a temporary position will become a full time position, and both Pastor and his wife feel that Selena will do just fine in my class, since it is K – 3rd grade. I feel very strongly she will do just fine in there as well. Now I just need to find the time to go up to the church and clean up the classroom and set it up the way I want it to be. I will worry about that though in a couple of weeks. Right now I am still going to be over the Nursery, but that is no big deal since Selena is the youngest one at church. We do have it pretty well set up and ready to go should a family come with a young one in need of it’s use during service. We are praying though that as we grow someone will step up and want to work in the nursery.

I know that Selena is wanting to write another story, so I am going to fit that in tomorrow. We have snow in the forecast, so if it is going to snow I hope it does so early, as we really do need to get to town. I really do need to try to find a new background for the bulletin board. I thought we had something at the church that would work only to discover today that this was not the case. I haven’t looked at our local gift stores, to see what they have in gift wrap, so I might try there first before going all the way to town. Maybe I will luck out and get something that will work here locally.

As you have noticed I am just kind of rambling this evening. All of this just kind of hit me off guard this month. I know it will smooth out as we proceed forward. I just feel very grateful that Selena is such a helper, and does do very well in situations like this. At a time when she could totally be uncooperative, she has the ability to just go with the flow. This all coming from a little girl who does like her schedule and generally does not like anything to upset her routine.

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  1. Can Selena share some of her cooperative mood with Anna, please? She has been pretty impossible lately, but I hope this too shall pass. Good luck with teaching Sunday school.

  2. I think we're stuck in whining mode with C - she's really testing out her "power". Selena did great putting up with such a long meeting!

  3. R has been stuck in an out of sorts mood lately, and the whining is unbearable.

    It sounds like Selena did a great job during the meeting. I hope all goes well with the nursery and Sunday School.

  4. I miss naps

    It sounds like Selena stole the cooperative feelings of all us commenting