Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Place Value and Counting Beyond 100

Earlier we worked on counting by twos using our bottle caps. Selena surprised me when she counted beyond 100 by twos, so I decided to introduce her to place value and see how far she could count. She loves playing with our bottle caps and it makes her counting so much fun for her. I used our white ones for the ones, blue for the tens, and red for the hundreds. I wrote hundreds, tens, and ones on pieces of papers, explaining to Selena what they stood for.

100_4761 Selena started out counting from 0 and easily counted clear up to 109. She was a little tired at this point and wanted to stop. I think next time we do this we will start at 100 and see how high we can count from there. That was a lot of counting for Selena, so I was very proud of her. What did she think of this fun activity, well I will let the following picture say it all.

100_4760 100_4762 Selena never ceases to surprise me with the drive she has to push on especially into the new territories of her learning. She shows no frustration, but just smoothly moves forward to the next concept, so long as we don’t push, and just let it flow from her. I love it when she takes a lesson I have planned and makes so much more out of it.

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  1. She is a good little student!

    I love to use bottle caps too. We use them for C's spelling words.

  2. I need to start saving bottle caps again. I just ran into the problem of having words on top of the caps.

  3. Yay - go Selena! I need to start saving bottle cups too - but we don't use a lot of them.

  4. Great work Selena!

    A comment for Ticia about the words on top of the caps: we put plain white labels over the top of our caps and then wrote the numbers on that. Worked out pretty well.