Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Shopping Trip

Saturday morning while getting dressed, the metal snap on my jeans fell apart. I grabbed my other pairs of jeans out of the closet only to realize that I have gained enough weight (which is a good thing for me) that they were just way too tight. I informed Papa I HAD to go get new jeans. We all got ready and headed to the nearest shopping we have. I knew I wouldn’t even look in Walmart for anything, but thought maybe I might find something in Ross. Unfortunately I fall into a size bracket where women’s sizes are too big, the petite sizes, while I can find pants that fit great are always too short. I use to be able to find petite longs when we lived in Spokane, but not here, and I am sorry but I do not want my pants being 3 to 4 inches above my ankle. I have to move to the teen section. All the pants at Ross in the teen section had the wonderful holes in them. Now if I wanted to wear pants with holes in them, I would just cut up my old ones and clasp them together with a safety pin, I mean seriously. We didn’t come home empty handed though as we did find Selena her Easter dress, but I still needed to find some pants for me.

I left again going to the only Mall here on the harbor, believe me it isn’t much of a Mall with only Penny’s and Sears. If you think I could find anything in either of these stores you are wrong. To my surprise though there was a Maurices in the mall. Now normally I stay away from shops like this, but this was my last hope, or it meant driving clear to Olympia. I about fell over to see the prices, but they were having buy one get the second at half off Bogo sale. I knew at this point by the time I paid for the gas to drive to Olympia, I would probably end up still paying these prices up there too, so I bit my cheek, and realized I would have to dip into my savings account. Now believe me this probably was more painful then anything else I could have done, I don’t like to spend anything from my savings if I don’t have to, and even then I can usually talk myself into the WE DON”T NEED IT mode before spending anything from my savings.


pMAUR1-9113702_alternate1_v275 pMAUR1-9562475v275

I ended up with two pair of these. While I was there though I decided to look at shirts, I mean come on what is new pants without a new shirt? I have two cardiwraps that will go great with this shirt, one looks like it was made to go with this shirt, pink with the same print and the other one is a brown color. I really did end up spending more money then I expected, and won’t tell how much I paid, but you know there is something about new clothes that just makes a person feel good. This will mean I will go into my closet and wear one of my old dresses for Easter.

I have to say Papa wasn’t real thrilled with my shopping trip, not over what I bought but the amount I had to spend, but he understood that I truly did need some jeans. I told him it could be worse, I could be one who shops for myself all the time and thinks nothing about spending this kind of money all the time, once a year I truly think we can handle or I hope we can. Oh, you will just have to wait to see Selena’s Easter dress.

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  1. Now I want to see some pictures - both from you and Selena :)

  2. I can identify with this! I HATE shopping for clothes for myself...both the trying to find things that fit and I like, and the spending money...UGH! Glad you did find some things you like :)

  3. You should do a fashion show and post pictures of the both of you!!!!! I love what you bought and can't wait to see Selena's dress. I am so bad at shopping for myself, but I love to shop for my kids.

  4. I agree with Christy, Fashion Show!

    They look super cute, and I can't wait to see Selena's dress.

  5. My dd loves Maurice's but she shops with her own money and she is careful. She won't buy anything unless she really likes it and if the price is too high she is able to say no. I like that about her. :) We got your postcard! Thanks.