Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time for a Hair Cut


We have been having problems with Selena chewing on her hair. I know many have said don’t worry about it, it’s just a phase and she will outgrow it. I remember a girl when I was in Junior High who came from a very poor home environment, she always had very greasy hair but the spot she always chewed on, that always made me gag. To see Selena chewing on her hair was a bit more then I could handle. I told her if she didn’t stop we were going to cut her hair. Sunday in church while Selena was up front of the entire congregation, I looked up and there she was with her hair in her mouth. That was enough, we informed her after church that she would indeed be getting her hair cut this week. We felt better on Tuesday, so Selena and I jumped on the computer and I told her she better pick out a style she liked. She informed me she didn’t want it short, so no, I wasn’t going to do that to her.

child8 This is the picture she chose, telling me she really liked this hair style. Off we went to the hair dresser. Selena handed her the picture, and climbed up in the chair. She informed me when we were about done, “Grandma I really liked getting my hair cut.”

100_4428 Back



If anything we did finally get all the baby hair off, and her hair does look so much healthier. She is sure happy with it. Yes, it is still long enough that if she wanted to she could still chew on it. But maybe without it hanging in her face so much, she will be less likely to want to put it in her mouth. If only she would have let me tie it back, we wouldn’t have had this problem. She use to love her hair styled with a bow or pretty, but of late she always pulled everything I put in her hair out as fast as I could get it in.

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  1. R doesn't like anything in her hair right now either. It drives me crazy because it is always in her face. I would have it cut, but she has to wear a bun for her June dance recital so we have to wait a while.

    I love Selena's new hair style. Very pretty.

  2. It looks very pretty - Selena made a good choice in style. Hopefully it works and she stops chewing on her hair.

  3. It looks so incredibly cute like that.

    Princess is horrible about getting her hair cut.

  4. She looks very happy with the cut! Such a happy face. My mother used to tell me I'd get worms, if I chewed my hair. I don't think it's true, but I caught myself telling the girls that, when I caught one them trying to chew their hair :)