Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Geography/History Maine


I asked Selena what State she wanted to study this week. It was quite hilarious as she first said New York, then she jumped to Michigan, then suddenly her eyes landed on Maine. I asked her if she was sure after all this jumping around, and she said “Oh Yes, I want to study Maine, because it is by the Ocean too.”

100_4560 Boy that was quite a reach for her to show me where Maine was at. I finally had to give her something to use as a pointer, just so she could reach Maine.

100_4559 As always Selena easily found Maine on her blank US map. I sometimes wonder how she is able to process so much information in such a short period of time that she just looks at her blank map and is able to locate the State with little error.

100_4561 Yes, we had Hoppy sitting in on this lesson today as well. I really wish she would just give up on him now. Not that she needs to throw him away but she packs him everywhere she goes.

Of course based on the flag, she colored the State blue. She tried very hard to get out of coloring this week, but I made her sit there until she colored it, I told her if she didn’t we would not be continuing to learn our States. She didn’t sit very long before the crayon began to start moving. She usually colors better then she did today, but I at least got her to color.



When she was examining the State seal, she insisted that the pine tree was sitting on top of the moose. I finally got her to understand that the moose is suppose to be laying under the pine tree.

sealcol2 As soon as we opened a page about Maine on the computer the first thing that Selena found was that there is a lighthouse in Maine. Now she wants to go to Maine so she can climb up and down all the stairs in that light house.

me_portland_head_light We had to discuss the fact that while we sit near the Pacific Ocean, Maine is near the Atlantic Ocean. I showed her this on the map, but I don’t know if she fully understood it or not. Sometime we will take a look at the different Seas.

She found a lot of interesting information while we were studying Maine. I do think her most favorite facts was the Moose, the wild berries, and the honey bee.

We would love to see what you are studying in your homes this week. Link your History or Geography posts up below.

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  1. Your state studies always sound so pleasant.

  2. I can see how she thinks that. That would be one unhappy moose.

  3. Distance can be a very difficult concept, even for adults to grasp.

  4. Yes, distance is a hard concept. Anna kind of understands distance when we compare it to the plane trip to NJ - this is how long it takes to cross from Pacific to Atlantic. One Morning in Maine would be a nice book to read for this study.

  5. Looks like fun! Maine is a beautiful state. "Blueberries for Sal" is another great story set in Maine.

  6. She seems very excited about learning about the states :)

    We received your postcard in the mail today! Thank you very much!

  7. Great study! Guess where I live? LOL Maine! I know someone mentioned "Blueberries for Sal"...Sal was my French teacher in high school!