Monday, February 28, 2011

Word Fun

Sunday after Church Selena was having a very difficult time with settling into anything really constructive. Lately she has been randomly running around spelling all sorts of new words. Some of her favorite words to spell have been words containing double o’s or ake words. In an attempt to get her to settle down a bit, I pulled out our phonics tiles. I asked Selena to spell as many oo words as she could. I laid the tile that has the oo on it and she went to town.

100_4422 I thought it was cute how she went through the alphabet and spelled all the words beginning with b such as book, boot, before moving on to the c words, d words. She went through the entire alphabet, never once getting stumped when she came across a letter that didn’t work.

We then sat up the ake tiles, and again Selena went to town creating all the ake word she could again starting from the beginning of the alphabet and working through to the end.

She was disappointed when we got interrupted by her Uncle calling, normally during a time like this I just ignore the phone, but when it comes to my children calling that is a wee bit different. Then it was time to start dinner, so maybe we will pick this up again this week and work on a few more word families.

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  1. I love the way she went alphabetical.

  2. Selena has a very methodical mind. I so doubt that Anna would go alphabetical with this activity.

  3. What a nice methodical way to do that.

    I go back and forth on answering the phone at times like that. On the one hand I want to encourage, on the other hand we don't get a lot of phone calls.

    But, I would have done the same thing for a call like that.

  4. I really need to get some of these phonics tiles for M. I think she'd love doing this.