Sunday, February 27, 2011

Can You Tell?

Can you tell that these two are related?

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This is jut unreal how much our new grandson looks like his older sister. They are both about the same age in these pictures, just a few days old.

Things seem to be going well for Mom and Junior. I am happy to hear the calmness in my daughter, and she just seem so bonded, and attentive to his needs. I can’t help but think that Mom truly just was not ready to have a baby when she had Selena. We continue to just pray and hope that things continue to go great for both of them.

Selena isn’t asking as many questions or wanting to exchange the puppy for her baby brother here lately. She has spoke with Mom several times, and is always congratulating her. We hope to have a visit from Mom and baby this summer, I know Mom is wanting to come up about June, so we will do what we can to make it happen.

We got more snow today, I can’t believe it has been cold enough that we have not lost any of the snow that fell on Thursday. In fact in all time I have lived here I don’t ever remember seeing ice cycles hanging on the eaves. It has been so cold we have not been able to get out to have any more snow fun, in fact now our snow is pretty crunchy, and guess what it is snowing as I type this. March is definitely coming in like a lion, will it go out like a lamb?

While Papa is nursing a lot of stiffness and pain from falling twice in the parking lot at work on Friday, Selena and I did some painting. I got the idea from Christy at Superheroes and Princesses.



Selena enjoyed making these pretty little flowers. She tells me these are to remind her that Spring is on its way.

I had a good visit on Saturday with a friend of mine who has her degree in Early Child Development. We were talking about Selena and some of the different behaviors we have been seeing. She really helped to ease Papa’s mind when she referred to her being so bright, and that much of what we are seeing is truly just from her being too smart. She explained to us that her mind is just working constantly to learn all she can about everything, which we knew, but that this also leads to a very high energy sometimes defiant child. I’ve tried to explain this to Papa before, but until he heard it from someone else he just couldn’t except it. He has been banging his head against the wall asking what is it that we are not doing right, or where did we go wrong. I believe now that he will be able to adjust a little bit better and not feel so overwhelmed when Selena just is on the constant go. She told Papa when things get like this, to remind himself that she is going through the “gifted syndrome”, of course we really don’t like labels such as gifted especially at this age, but it is an easier way for Papa to relate to what is going on with his sweet little princess. I am glad he now has something to relate this too, as believe me it was about to drive me crazy the way those two were beginning to bump heads so much of the time. Papa finally said that his co-worker who has her Masters in Mental Health was telling him the same thing, but until he heard it from a second person it just wasn’t sinking in. I know that this evening his reactions were a lot different towards Selena, and things did go quite a bit smoother, and believe me she had a very high energy level this evening, and was having a hard time just shutting her brain off to go to sleep.

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  1. They could be the same baby!

    So glad things are going well for your daughter and grandson, and that there is more understanding with Selena as well.

  2. When I first saw the photos, I thought they were the same baby, and then I read your words. Oh, my, they do look alike!
    I am glad things are going well.

  3. Oooooh Debbie - how precious!!! Such continued good news!! PTL!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing the good news! Congratulations! Hope things continue to go well with your daughter.

  5. It's amazing how good God is sometimes and how He helps is in unexpected ways.

  6. He's beautiful! All of my babies looked identical at first, too. Wouldn't it be wonderful if your daughter was able to keep him, and really love and care for him? That would truly be an answer to prayer.

  7. It's amazing to see the likeness of little Selena in little Charles. I hope everyone continues to go well. I am with you on high energy! Lately Anna literally bounces with endless energy, but overall she is not defiant, especially since we keep clarifying that she is still our daughter, and we are her parents first and friends second.

  8. Wow! They do look exactly alike. I am so happy to hear that all is going well.

    The flowers came out great! Isn't that fun?