Saturday, February 12, 2011

What My Child Is Reading

It seemed like we didn’t have as much time for reading around here this week. There is something to be said when almost everyday is filled with an appointment, especially here where we live and one has to drive so far to make these appointments. One more to go today, then I feel things will slow back down again and we can get back to some kind of normalcy. Selena truly wanted to watch the Wizard of Oz more then she wanted to read the books we brought home from the library. While I love this movie I truly did not feel like watching it everyday, so a quick trip by the library to return it resolved our problem.

51rOJJKU-2L._SL500_AA300_ Library Mouse A World to Explore by Daniel Kirk, was by far my favorite book, Selena had a hard time staying focused with the book for some reason. I won’t say she disliked the book, but it was one we did have to read in a couple of sittings, rather then just one. It is a cute story about two mice who live in the library, they didn’t even know each other existed, since they live at opposite ends of the library. It wasn’t until the book cases in the children’s section becomes decorated by children’s crafts about “Discover Our Great Big World” that the two mice meet. They have a great adventure seeing the world played out before them. Then when one of the mice runs away from fright, he begins to think about his experience, and writes his own book about their adventures.

61r20iz0CCL._SL500_AA300_ The Best Time to Read by Debbie Bertram and Susan Bloom, illustrated by Michael Garland was a great hit in the home this week. Selena truly could relate to the little boy in the story. He ran around trying to get someone to read to him all day long. Selena especially enjoyed the part where Papa was too busy snoring to read to him, she laughed so hard. After he has everyone in the family, he takes his book and sadly climbs the stairs to his bedroom. He decides since nobody has time to listen to him read, he will just read to his toy family. It isn’t long before he hears a knock on his door, as the door opens and it is his entire family coming in to listen to him read. I really enjoyed being able to use this book to help Selena to understand that sometimes we do get busy and are unable to read to her that very moment, but that doesn’t mean when we are done with what we are doing that we won’t be there to read right along with her.

61Vg52bEkPL._SL500_AA300_ A Sheep Called Sean by Alan Bowater, illustrated by Pete Pascoe, was one of those books that truly was a flop in our home. The beginning of the book really does not make much sense, and Selena lost interest really fast. I was able to keep her attention and get beyond the beginning only to discover that Selena really didn’t care much about learning about the different planets that these two friends visit in their adventure of building a rocket ship. One of the friends ends up saying something that hurts the other’s feelings and finds himself stranded on Pluto. Finally the one friend realizes that his friend really did not mean to hurt his feelings so he returns back to Pluto to pick up his friend. While it is a cute book with a cute story, Selena just wasn’t having much to do with it. I do believe though that many children would probably enjoy this book.

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  1. I think all of those, even your flop, look pretty cute - I'll keep them in mind!

  2. I've been meaning to check out the first one. The other two sound like books my 5-year-old would really like.

  3. We read the first Library Mouse book, and I might look for this one. I think that Anna might really like the third one, so I'll see right away if our library has it.

  4. I'll have to check out these books. We have the occasional surprise flop around here too, but that last book does sound cute.

  5. Great selections this week! I've heard good things about Library Mouse before, and The Best Time to Read sounds like something my kids could probably relate to as well.

  6. The last one looks cute, it's a shame it was a flop.

    I love the the Library Mouse books, I think they're super cute.