Monday, February 21, 2011


We woke up Saturday morning to a lovely sunny day. It was cold but sunny. I was able to walk to the library by myself and brought home a stack of books that I am sure we are going to enjoy very much. Selena was so beside herself over the sunshine that she didn’t take a nap. We knew this was a perfect day for some outside play. We put puppy on his tie out and turned Selena loose to run with him.


They ran from one end of our yard to the other end then turned around and ran back. Selena had so much fun just trying to keep up with Pal. While he isn’t real sure of the tie out, I am sure we will be seeing a lot of this come summer.



I thought Selena was beginning to look a little cold but she refused to have her coat zipped up, and really didn’t want this day to end. She got so disappointed in the evening when the sun was setting, you would have thought her little world was coming to an end as the sun disappeared. I hope that the sun comes out again tomorrow, so far I don’t see any clouds, it sure would be nice to have a few days just like this one.

100_4408 Before we came in Selena and I took Pal for a nice walk to the end of our street and back. I know both Papa and I needed a day like today so I also know that Selena probably needed it even more. She wanted us to put her swing set together, but it is still a wee bit too wet in the back yard and she would end up just playing in mud. I sure hope we have a fairly dry Spring we definitely need to dry out. I am so ready to hit the hiking trails, but I don’t want to be sinking to my knees in mud.

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  1. I should look into getting a tie out for Mac as well, he'd love to be able to play in the front yard with everyone else.

  2. I love the pictures. So cute. I love to watch my kids play outside with the dog!

  3. Nice to get out in the fresh air! We've returned to total winter here - which is comforting too - it's just that in between season time, that's hard to handle.

  4. We were able to get out today after a week of rain and we all so enjoyed it. Being outside and getting some exercise makes a huge difference.