Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Geography/History Presidents Day


Selena woke up on Monday all confused wondering why Papa was home. It was a great way to introduce to her President’s Day. We discussed why we have a President, and of course she knows our current President is President Obama. From there we talked about the fact that we didn’t always have a President and moved on to our First President George Washington. We looked him up here on the computer and learned a lot of interesting little facts, Selena was especially impressed with the fact that he was born in Virginia, well what we call Virginia today anyway. We also talked about Washington DC and why it is not a State. We looked at pictures of the white house along with many other buildings and monuments in Washington DC.

On Tuesday I announced that it was in fact George Washington’s Birthday, so we went right to work on looking at Virginia State. Selena wasn’t as into this study as usual, I think it is because I didn’t let her pick the State, that she wanted to study. Instead I chose the State we would look at, also Papa was home, the car was in the shop, and she learned that her Mommy had her baby brother that morning, so things were just totally off for Selena.

She didn’t fin Virginia on our US map as quickly as usual, but she kept looking on the West Coast, and it took me a bit to get her to understand we were talking about the East Coast. Once I mentioned to her that our friends live in Virginia, she then was very quick to point the State out. She calls our friends girl’s her sisters, so she quickly announced, “My Sisters live in Virginia. When are they coming home?”

100_4411 We then moved on to find the location on Washington DC, again emphasizing that it is not a State. When we sat down to do our map work, Selena quickly pointed out that George Washington’s picture is on our State flag and Seal so we talked about how our State is named after George Washington. She chose a shade of orange to color her State, why I don’t know, she gave no reason. I then had her make a mark in a different shade to mark where Washington DC is located.



We didn’t get a lot of interesting facts about Virginia itself, so this will be a State we will revisit. Selena truly was loosing interest in doing much more. We did however get a picture of George Washington on our page. She now knows that George Washington was our first President, why we have President’s Day, and that he was born in Virginia.

Virginia I know I mentioned in the beginning of this that yes, we do have a Grandson now. Mom and baby are doing fine. We hadn’t planned on saying anything to Selena, but it popped out the other night and Selena jumped all over our words, so we had to take some time to explain the situation to her. He was born on February 22 at 5:00 a.m. weighing in at 7 pounds 11 ounces. That is all I know at this time. And yes, we are excited to know that we have a grandson!

We are looking forward to seeing what all of you have been studying in Geography/History this week. Link your posts up below and we will be around to see and learn with you.

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  1. Congratulations again!

    My children like to pick the states we study too.

  2. I could see where a baby brother could derail studies. I'm sure she's very excited. I hope she gets to see some pictures of him very soon, if she hasn't already.

    Even with the distractions, she has such a firm grasp of the map - that's just great!

  3. I'm always impressed at how well she does with finding states. My kids are always rather hit and miss at that.

  4. I am also impressed that Selena was able to study at all considering all the news and changes. Anna keeps saying that she wants to go to Washington DC to see shuttle Enterprise. She is still very taken by all things space-related.

  5. Yes, it's not surprising that she would have a hard time learning about Virginia when she has a baby on her mind. But it sounds like you got a good lesson in there about presidents. Congrats on the birth of your grandson!