Wednesday, February 9, 2011



Tuesday was really hit and miss for much studies at all here. We woke up and it was fairly foggy outside, but it wasn’t long and the fog burned off to give us a very beautiful sunny day. I guess you know that I had two little kids who wanted to do nothing but be outside! I spent about 45 minutes just letting the two of them run as fast as they could around the house, Pal in the lead with Selena not far behind. Now normally running is not all that allowed in our house that is for outside, but what do you say when suddenly that burst of energy hits especially on a day as beautiful as today.

Finally I got Selena to settle down and tell me what State she wanted to study. She climbed up on her chair and pointed right out to Arizona, well she then asked about Alaska, since there are Polar Bears there, but then went back and said “No we will do Arizona.” She did ask about Mexico, but then reminded me and herself that Mexico is not a State, but a Country. Sometimes her knowledge of our map and the things she has learned this year just blows me away.

100_4350 She helped me to locate the map, State Flag, and State Seal on the computer and waited for them to print out. We read a little bit about Arizona, and she quickly decided to color the State orange on her map. We are definitely going to have a very colorful map when we get finished. She had no problem finding Arizona on her blank US map and quickly colored it in. Then pointed out that we still needed to do Nevada.


We cut out and colored the State, then glued that along with the State Flag and State Seal onto it’s page. This was where Selena decided she was finished well for a little bit anyway. After our nap, we went for a walk to soak up some of the sunshine. When we got home Selena had to check out all her little treasures before we could finish anything school wise. What do you think her little treasures were?

100_4356 One hint no it is not the boot, but it is something she picked up outside, and can easily fill her boot with. I guess we now have an avid Rock Collector in our home. We are accumulating quite a few rocks. She can sure gather quite a few in one outing. I laughed though as she thought she could stick some inside her coat that sounded like a great place to hold them until we got home, but then got a little surprised when they fell straight on through onto the ground in front of her. She announced, “Now that just isn’t right, not right at all!”


We finally returned to our Geography and finished fishing for some facts about Arizona that we could add to our scrap book page. Selena was a wee bit half hearted at this point, so while I added some facts I do believe we are going to have to come back and revisit Arizona, as she wasn’t even interested in seeing what a Palo Verde Tree looked like nor even a Two Tailed Swallowtail Butterfly.

Arizona1 She really was more interested into getting back to her rocks and to this little adorable friend of hers, who sometimes I believe she adores more then me.


Just to give you a chuckle, when Papa came home, Selena was showing him everything she did today. She told him that she almost did Alaska because of the Polar Bears that live there. Papa insisted that there were no Polar Bears in Alaska. I had to prove to him that Selena was correct by looking it up on the computer so he could read it himself. I think Selena is really beginning to teach Papa things that he never knew or forgot about.

Now it is your turn to share with us what you have been learning in Geography or History.

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  1. How nice that you had some good weather! I love the way Selena teaches Papa!

    I have a few rock collectors here too.

  2. Her knowledge of the map amazes me too! And very funny that she's teaching Papa a thing or two!

  3. We have nut collectors here. I think Princess has those same rain boots. She hasn't thought to use them to collect stuff yet.

    Emphasis on yet.....

  4. We are still on Kansas...mostly because we have been spending all our time outdoors!

    My daughter is able to point out some states on the map, she has trouble with the interior states, like Kansas. She can find the "easier" ones like Florida, Maine, Michigan, etc.

  5. I am glad that Selena continues with her state studies. It's fun that she loves to collect rocks and too funny about her teaching papa about Alaska!

  6. Your way of learning the states is just like ours! Aren't 4 year olds fun?