Thursday, January 20, 2011

stART/Funny Animal Headband

Selena has been asking to make a Funny Animal Headband ever since she seen the craft the other night when we let her watch an episode of Sprout. I was hoping that she would get more creative with it, but on this particular morning Selena was feeling out of sorts. She woke up at 5:30 a.m. was back in bed for almost 2 hours at 7:30, the very quiet the rest of the morning.

We looked through out books and found a couple of books about pets or animals and read both of them.

9bf281b0c8a0dba3fd1ac110.L._SL500_AA300_ My Dog’s the Best! by Stephanie Calmenson illustrations by Marcy Dunn Ramsey is a Scholastic Level 1 reader so Selena had no problem reading this book all by herself. It is a cute book celebrating the differences in dogs and how these differences make every dog special especially to the child who owns him/her. While each child declares why their dog is the best, they also point out one distinct quality that makes their dog the best. For dog lovers it really shows that all breeds can be the best, so long as it is the one that fits in your family.

21BRRTX9CGL._SL500_AA300_My Pal Al by Marcia Leonard photographs by Dorothy Handelman was another easy read for Selena. It is a story about a little girl and her favorite stuffed animal a bunny. Selena could relate to the story since her favorite stuffed animal is her bunny. While the bunny in the book is named Pal just like her puppy, and her bunny’s name is hoppy, she still enjoyed the story.

After reading these I measured her head and cut out a band to fit around her head. I asked her what color she wanted the ears, and she chose red. I asked her how she wanted them shaped and she exclaimed like a bunny.

100_4257  She quickly grabbed her crayons and went to work on decorating the head band and the ears. We then taped everything together so that she could go right to wearing her silly animal headband.

100_4259 100_4258 Selena has had hours of fun with her Funny Animal Headband, now we will see how long it lasts before we just have to throw it away. I am linking this to A Mommy’s Adventure.

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  1. Cute! Nice book selections. Thank you for sharing.

  2. The books sound good. Cute pictures!!

  3. I love that bottom picture with the ear falling over.

    Hopefully she's feeling more in sorts now.

  4. Cute craft! Selena looks so pleased with it.

  5. Those pictures are terrific - what a face!

  6. Like a bunny! Of course! How else! We adore bunny too!

    Kids Get Crafty

  7. Selena makes a cute rabbit! My daughter just made a bunny ear headband in her kindergarten class last week. The kids pretended to be Rabbit in the Winnie-the-Pooh stories. The ears were doubled and reinforced inside with crafting (Popsicle) sticks to keep them standing.