Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Geography/History Montana


When I asked Selena which State she would like to study this week, she went back and forth between Wyoming and Montana, she finally decided on Montana, as she said because it is bigger. Love the way she thinks! She definitely had no problem reading the word Montana and found it quickly on her maps. She first had to show me that she could read the word Idaho.

100_4248 She also easily found Montana on her blank map, which this week I did not get a picture of. She examined the State flag and decided that Montana had to be colored blue. While she colored Montana I told her how I had lived part of a year in Libby, Montana. I also told her all the experiences I had while I was there, being able to see my first Grizzly Bear, which is the State Animal as well as seeing my first Cougar up close. We talked about all the mining and that I learned to pan for gold while there, though I never found any, but did come home with a lot of garnets. While I liked my time of living in Montana, the beauty in that part of the State, and all that I experienced, I don’t believe it would be a place I could have settled in. It was a fun experience though.

Montana2 Montana

We looked Montana up on the computer and found quite a bit of interesting facts about the State, such as it’s tree is the Ponderosa Pine, butterfly is the Mourning Cloak, bird is the Western Meadowlark, and the State Moto is Gold and Silver. As you know from Leah at Almost Homeschoolers there is a lot of history in Montana, along with a lot of ghost towns. Montana is a very beautiful State. I hope someday to take both Papa and Selena so they can experience parts of Montana themselves.

Now it is your turn what are you studying this week?

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  1. Happily seeing the grizzly bear, and the cougar, which people around here call mountain lions - or just lions, when hunting season is on, are not experiences I share with you. Although, we've got quite a few garnets stored up ourselves :)

  2. Awesome map skills Selena has! I have never been to Montana it does sound like an interesting place. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Interesting, we're studying Kansas and their state bird is the meadowlark too, apparently about 6 states have that bird.

    I love her reasoning for coloring the different states.

  4. It is wonderful that she can read so well. Montana does sound very nice.

  5. We loved studying Montana.

    Hopefully, I will find the energy to get our geography post up today.

  6. Interesting. We haven't studied Montana yet. I love her map - it's getting very colorful!

  7. Montana is another of the states I've never been to but would love to visit. I like that Selena decides which state to study.