Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tid Bits

Getting ready for Christmas here this week has been so much fun with Selena. The presents have been secretly wrapped at night after she goes to bed, and remain hidden in our closet. I have a feeling though that I will have to find a new hiding spot for them come next year.

I caught Selena laying with her head under the Christmas tree yesterday. I asked her to get out from under the tree only to have her inform me she was trying to observe how it grows. I asked her if she learned anything and she said no, as it isn’t in dirt. She is almost obsessed with that tree. We made one mistake this year and went with my favorite tree, the Grand Fir, well of course I not only love the tree for it’s beauty but because I can get close to it and not break out in a rash. Selena has also discovered that it’s soft needles are FUN to pull off the branches to throw up in the air and scatter all over my living room. Next year I think we will go with a Nobel and I will buy lots of cortisone cream.

Selena continues to figure out how Santa will get in our house on Christmas Eve. She is a little upset that our love seat blocks the opening to the fireplace insert, and the door on the insert is locked. I caught her several times trying to move the love seat only to get told, it’s too big and can’t be moved. She has even been trying to figure out how to unlatch the door on the fireplace insert. I assured her that before she goes to bed Papa will take care of this dilemma for her and that Santa will indeed be able to get into the house.

This only reminds me of when my niece was Selena’s age, and we were having Christmas Eve at my house for the family.  My niece kept going over and opening the door to our fireplace insert in that house, and was looking for Santa. Papa went outside and knocked on the side of the house. Her eyes got huge, at this point she looked at the fireplace and asked me to open the door as she stood half froze and shaking in her shoes thinking Santa was truly inside. I opened the door, she jumped from excitement, but then when nobody jumped out she got all concerned bent down and stuck her head inside the insert looking up, and announced, “Oh! My! Ho! Ho! is really stuck now.” I guess you know there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as everyone broke out in laughter.

We’ve had so much fun crafting, singing Christmas songs, baking, and just enjoying the season. While we might not have a white Christmas in our forecast, which generally makes me feel a little blue this time of year, I have to say just having Selena here and especially at the age she is, is making this Christmas so magical and the anticipation is building with each passing day. I am just savoring each and every moment of the whole experience with her.

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  1. Cute stories. I love this age too. It's so much fun.

  2. How fun! Selena is in a perfect age for magic and miracles, and it sounds like you have terrific Christmas season.

  3. Awwww...... I love the story of her under the tree. That is way too cute.

  4. Very sweet! I think 4 is one of my favorite ages.