Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We are ready for Christmas. Selena decided she wants Spaghetti for dinner. We decided sure why not, who says you have to work all day in the kitchen? I think she will enjoy spaghetti over anything else I could fix anyway, since that is her favorite meal.

All the packages are wrapped and waiting to be placed under the tree as soon as Selena goes to sleep. That in it self might be a challenge to get her to go to sleep. The stockings are waiting to be stuffed, and need we forget we have cookies and milk for Selena to set out for Santa. Oh and we can’t forget to move the love seat so Santa can get in.

Papa and I were just talking, that this year we are truly so excited. We know that this will be one Christmas that Selena is truly going to enjoy and remember. She had fun last year of course, and will probably never forget getting her new bike, but this year has just been so much more for her. From climbing under the tree to see how it grows, to decorating and redecorating it everyday.

We had a few years of not having any children at all for Christmas, not even our grown children. I have to say this much Christmas isn’t the same without children. We are both feeling very blessed to have Selena here with us. We can’t imagine our lives without her, she just makes our home complete.

From our family to yours,

Merry Christmas!


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  1. That blessing goes both ways. I know I've said it before, but Selena could not be blessed with better "parents".

    Now, I think I'll go call my mom...

  2. Merry Christmas!

    Selena is so blessed to have you in her life too. As are all of us who read your blog.

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes. Seriously! What a wonderful family you are. I'm so happy to "know" you.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas! I know it's going to be a wonderful evening for all of you.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family!