Thursday, December 9, 2010

stART/The First Christmas

I was going to use this as our Geography/History post. We were going to pull out the biblical maps and learn all about Mary and Joseph’s travels. Unfortunately before we could get that far Selena came down with the stomach flu. No sense in leaving a good book and a fun time playing go to waste.

thefirstchristmas This truly was not the book that came to mind when I decided to do this activity, I know there are other books about the First Christmas that would have been better suited for Selena’s age, but this was the only one I could get from our library.

The First Christmas by Nonny Hogrogian is a great story about the birth of Jesus. It is more geared for an older child. Much of the book went up and over Selena’s head as we read it together. She enjoyed the activity we did with the story though, and I do believe she did retain a lot of the information that I was trying to teach her.

Using Selena’s little Nativity set we reread the story and she followed as closely as she could to put all the pieces in their proper place. I did have to help guide her a bit as for where we might place them.

100_3995 100_3996 Her first comment after she finished this was, “Grandma this looks like your pretty native set.” I loved how she referred to it as a native set instead of a nativity set. As she pointed to mine up on top of the piano.

100_4014 The box that her set is sitting in is a box I received last Christmas in a give-a-way. After I used the lotions and soaps that came in the box, I just sat the box aside for Selena to use somehow this Christmas. She now has a hefty carrying box for her native set that she can pack around pull out and play with all Christmas long.

100_4010 100_4004 The box is so beautiful with a winter theme, inside is decorated with a fireplace. It also has a sturdy red rope handle. It has been fun to watch Selena retell the First Christmas through her play with her own little nativity set or as she calls it native set.

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  1. I love that she calls it a native set. So cute.

    My daughter had the stomach bug last week. I hope Selena is feeling better.

  2. I love her set, it is way too cute.

  3. Our girls think alike. Anna plays nativity story a lot too. Half of the time she wants to pretend that she is a baby Jesus, and I am Mary :) Selena's nativity set is very cute.

  4. That's a great box! She could use it for the house the wiseman found Jesus in, so Mary and Joseph could meet the shepherds at the stable, and then travel to the house, and then encounter the wise men!

    I love the "native set" comment. My girls were calling it the activity set :)

  5. That really is a tiny little set. It fits splendidly in the box!

  6. That is a really lovely way to bring the Nativity story to your children. I love it.

    Kids Get Crafty

  7. Oh dear, I hope she is feeling better soon.

    Her nativity set is delightful, I bet you will find her acting out the story many times over in the lead up to Christmas.

  8. It's great that you put bits of her language - all of the cute things she says, in your posts. Those will be the best parts for you both to look back upon one day.

  9. I love her set. We have a set that JDaniel can play with too.