Friday, December 17, 2010

Eight Days till Christmas

I don’t know about you but I do not feel I have accomplished all that I had hoped to accomplish by this time going into Christmas. All the while though we have been busy. I can check many things off my list of things I did want to accomplish. Shopping is done, cards are mailed, gifts are wrapped, and tomorrow is Selena’s birthday party.

I wanted to add Christmas baking to my finished list, yet this week I just didn’t find the time to get into the kitchen and start any of it. Between Selena’s doctor’s appointment and not feeling well from her shots, my kitchen duties just did not fall into place. Maybe next week we can retreat to the kitchen in one last ditch effort to get some baking done.

This seems to be a difficult time for my family. I received a call last week, that my dad’s brother was not doing well at all. He has gallstones and while they were scanning him, they discovered a blood clot on the lung. Two days later my phone rang early, and while I expected more news about his condition, it was a call to inform me that my dad’s brother-in-law had passed away. This has brought up a lot of emotion for me remembering my Dad, and how we all felt when he passed away so close to Christmas.

I was happy to get the report though that my dad’s brother is doing better, we are just waiting to hear what the doctors say today, but it sounds like possibly the medications are working for dissolving the blood clot, then they can do surgery for the gallstones.

There is a few new games that Selena and I have added to our fun list. She has discovered how much fun it is to play the opposite game especially in the car. I call out a word such as over and she has to respond with the correct opposite of under. We can go on forever with this game. She also is getting quick enough at spotting things that we also enjoy playing I Spy in the car. She cracks me up though as many times she makes things up with I Spy so I am looking for something that is yellow, when there is no yellow in sight.

A couple of days ago while going through my facebook posts I came across a notice for a post at The Homeschool Post and was totally taken with sorrow and a feeling of such a heavy heart. Some of you might have heard about this but if not please go over and read about what has happened to one of our dear blogging families. Just a little bit from me before you go read it. This family at Roscommon Acres lost their 3 year old son in a very tragic accident. An accident that can happen in any home. It truly is a sad story and they truly need some prayers and blogging love during this time.

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  1. I am so sorry about the loss in the family. How horrible for that other family to lose their child this way - my heart is breaking for them. Let's hug our children a little tighter today and keep them close.

  2. I am sorry for the loss in your family.

    How sad for that family to lose their child.

    I never seem to accomplish all that I want for Christmas.

    I like the opposites game.

  3. Their video tribute to their little guy was precious, but absolutely heatbreaking.

  4. I had never read that blog, but the post brought tears to me eyes too. How heartbreaking.