Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy Week


This isn’t the best picture of Selena, but we really have not had the camera out this week since the pictures of all our flooding. Selena’s birthday was really rather quiet. We will have the birthday party this Saturday. She received some early birthday and Christmas presents from Natalie and Anna Mouse Grows Mouse Learns. The outfit in this picture was from them. It is a perfect fit and Selena absolutely loves it. The stuffed animal is her hoppy that I have referred to in the past. That is the first and only stuffed animal her mom bought her. Her hoppy got washed Tuesday, which made Selena a little sad, but once he was clean and dry she was one happy camper again. A few of the other things that she got from Anna was some sun catchers, that she could paint herself. She did paint two of them and when they were dried hung them on our tree. She also loves the Play Mobile that they bought for her. I had never heard of Play Mobiles before, and since Selena has not stopped playing with it since she got it, I guess you know we will be looking for some more.

Selena had her one year appointment yesterday. She is 40 3/4 inches tall and 40 pounds, we can truly call her square! This places her in the 95% for height and 91% for weight. This time her pediatrician did a little different exam testing Selena’s fine motor skills, which she said Selena is very advanced for her age in this area. She handed Selena a book to look at while we talked, and got the shock of her life when Selena read it word for word. Her doctor asked me if we had this book at home and I informed her no, that this was the first time Selena has ever seen this particular book. She then asked Selena to count as high as she could, and boy Selena counted clear to 100.

I got a surprise when she said that the report she received from the Occupational Therapist we seen this last Spring said that Selena was very gifted. I thought boy you got a different report then I got, as that really was not the report that this Occupational Therapist sent to me. I will have to agree that Selena is very bright, though I do not know that I want her labeled as gifted at this point.

We had time before her appointment to go to JoAnn’s Fabrics. I wanted to find some craft supplies for Selena’s birthday party. We found a bunch of wooden Christmas ornaments that the kids can decorate with the little felt pins and one being a picture frame, for 39 cents a piece. I guess you know I was in heaven at that point. I will get pictures of their finished projects come Saturday.

I know I need to get around and read some of your blogs this week, and I hope to get caught up today. It has just been a very busy week. An update on our flooding, while the rivers are going down, the farmlands are filling up with water. One road is still closed due to water over the road, and our little golf course is getting flooded. Coming home we had very heavy rain and wind, so that won’t be helping with the flooding any too soon. Oh well that is life in our neck of the woods.

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  1. I am not surprised that the pediatrician was impressed with Selena's abilities. I know I have mentioned before that she seems so much older than she is, and she has a great teacher!

  2. What terrific reports from the doctors! I'm with Christy though, it's no surprise they were impressed :)

  3. We love playmobil here too. Theyre great

  4. I am glad that Selena enjoys all the gifts. She is so tall! Isn't it nice to get such a glowing report from the doctors? Anna painted her suncatchers yesterday - she wouldn't stop until she painted all of them. We will give some away as Christmas gifts and will hang up the rest.