Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas is Still in the Air

While I was without my computer, we took advantage to really enjoy all of Selena’s toys she got for Christmas. It was fun to spend endless hours of playing, exploring, and also a time to teach the skill of putting our toys away before pulling another one out. Selena really hasn’t picked a favorite and jumps from one thing to the next.

100_4111 She loves her small Disney Princesses with all their fancy dresses and tiny shoes. She does have a little bit of a hard time dressing them, and for the shoes, I can hardly get them on those little feet let a lone expect Selena to. This little set is the size of the Polly Pockets, and all the clothes are made out of a rubber type material for durability. We even got her a couple of Polly Pockets, but these Disney Princesses by far are her favorite in the small doll world. We have already had one incident where while vacuuming I didn’t see one of the little shoes and vacuumed it up. We did retrieve it from the vacuum for Selena, which I think instilled being more careful about getting all the little pieces picked up.

100_4120 I wanted to get Selena some Barbie Dolls, but she informed me while we were looking at them that she liked the Disney Princess dolls better. We got her three of them. I still think she would have enjoyed the Barbie better with some clothes that she could have dressed her in, but as you can see from the picture above she does love her dolls and though she plays with the smaller ones more, these are never far from her play area. I am going to keep my eyes open and see if there are dresses for these Barbie sized dolls, but do plan on just getting her some Barbie dolls down the road.

100_4105 Her Frontier Logs are another huge hit. They are just like the Lincoln Logs, a little cheaper and do have some design differences especially where the roofs are concerned. She is learning how to build with them, and enjoys us helping her build log houses with her. Of course she figured out quite fast that these make great drum sticks. We spent several  hours one day learning to keep the beat, which to be honest Selena did perfect with. She sure can keep a beat, no matter how difficult I made it, she followed right along. Maybe she will grow up to be a drummer, I don’t know, but she will have a good ear for music when it comes to any instrument she wants to play as well as dance.

I haven’t done an update on Selena’s dance classes in a while. We haven’t actually made it to dance in December. Remember Selena got sick the beginning of December, so we didn’t go. Then they went on Winter break. We did end up opting out of the recital. I had asked since day one of dance class to get an idea of the price of the costume she would need for the recital, and never could get an answer. Two weeks before Christmas I got a call from her instructor and they wanted $102.99 by that Friday for the costume. What a time of year to want that much money for something that she would only wear once, and probably only be on stage for 15 minutes at the most. She will continue in dance, while I am not sure what we will do for next year, stay with dance or maybe switch over to some gymnastics. We really haven’t made up our mind. We still have the option of the other dance school in Aberdeen which while it costs a bit more per month, they only do recitals every other year, and would not expect two costumes for the child, which we will face next year. Two costumes for a 4 year old! I said it last year and I maintain it this year, I am not that impressed with this particular dance school. We didn’t switch her to the other due to the age requirement. We will think about it next year though.

Selena is one happy camper right now with all her new toys, and we haven’t even broke into the paints and other art supplies she received. We still have so many things to explore.

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  1. R got some Polly Pockets for Christmas and I have trouble dressing them too. She also got a few Barbies and likes them a lot.

    My daughter LOVES dance more than anything, but yes it is expensive. This year, her class has the addition of jazz (last year it was just tap and ballet) so that is another costume. We just got our costume bill and it is over $200. I do have to say though that R loves dress up play and wears her dance costumes over and over again. If she didn't love dance so much though (and she loves the recital) I would not want to pay all that money.

  2. Our last year in dance, I was asked to help sew some of the costumes, and still had to pay full price. Then, I got roped into working on the sound back stage, and got charged for the ticket to see it. Unreal! The final insult was when the teacher wanted us to leave the costumes as property of the studio - I told her, for as much as I'd paid for it, we were going to keep it :) But, the girls LOVE being in the shows.

    We have one Polly Pocket shoe, I've picked up at least 600 times since Christmas.

  3. That is unreal for the prices.

    Those little princess dolls are a big hit here too. Princess LOVES them!

    There are outfits for the big Princess dolls, I know I've seen some at the Disney store, but I don't know if I've seen them at WalMart or Target. But, they should fit Barbie clothes, so that's always an option. I'm going to be brave and make an attempt at making Barbie clothes for the girl..... We'll see. I'm not a big fan of itty bitty seams.

  4. We paid $40 for the costume and I thought that was expensive! It's something I can't sell and JC hates to wear it because it's itchy. We took a break from dance to do gymnastics but we may go back to it in the spring time since JC loves to perform. We'll be signing up again for Wee Theater classes. If you go through the recreation centers, they tend to be cheaper.

  5. I am sorry that you had to opt out of dancing early, but paying $100 for costumes is ridiculous. Our next sports attempt will be swimming since I consider it to be a life skill. It's great that Selena enjoys her presents and can keep rhythm so well. Anna is really bad at this - just as bad as I am. I don't think she will ever make it as a ballerina or a concerto performer, but I would love for her to learn to play an instrument - we shall see.