Friday, December 31, 2010

Awards and Rainbows

Phyllis at All Things Beautiful was so kind and thoughtful when she gave me the “Your Blog Is Fabulous” Award.

award I love Phyllis’s blog, she is so creative and always has so many fun ideas to with her kids. She gives me a lot of great inspiration and I have to say her Geography Scrapbooks are so much of what I hope Selena’s will look like as she gets older and we continue to work on hers. If you haven’t yet go check out Phyllis’s blog here.

This one has interesting requirements:
1. Specify three destination to which you want to travel and write why.
2. Pass on if you wish, to as many or few as you wish.
3. I think I would add a thank you to the blog that gave it to you is in order as well. : )

While I thought about the destinations that I would love to travel to, many ideas came to mind. To clear my mind I decided to do a craft project with Selena in hopes to truly figure out where I would want to travel. Selena is so proud of herself that she can name every color in the Rainbow, so we set out to create a Selena rainbow. She called off the colors, which I gave her and she painted away.

100_4124 Do you notice that she started out with the red and trying very hard to make it arch just like a rainbow?

100_4130 This is Selena’s beautiful rainbow. Even as she worked down the rows, and realized she was running out of room for all her colors, she never got upset or dissatisfied with her work. I think it is a beautiful rainbow!

So where would I love to travel? While so many have hopes of traveling around the world, I truly have one passion when I think of traveling. There are so many things and places right here in the U.S. that I would still love to see.

1. Mountains, I love mountains. I love to get out and walk around on a nice Summer day it doesn’t matter what mountain, just so long as I am on a mountain away from the city life, where I can see all the beauty of nature, hear the sounds of wild life, and take in all the wonderful smells of freedom.

2. I would love to someday take Selena to a warm ocean! I don’t really know where, Virginia Beach, maybe I don’t know just so long as it is warm, where she can get her feet wet in the water, and truly feel the warm sand between her toes.

3. One place we talk about all the time, we would love to take Selena to Disney Land. Neither Papa nor I have ever been there and we sure hope that someday we can afford to take Selena.

I am going to pass this award on to a few of my favorite bloggers who I feel are very inspiring.

1. Christy at Superheroes and Princesses

2. Natalie at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns

3. Leah at Almost Homeschoolers

4. Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom

With this I wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

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  1. Thanks! Well, now I have to do some thinking :)

  2. Thank you for an award. Yes, Selena's rainbow is beautiful. When I think about travel, I admit that I always think more exotic destinations - something like Egypt, India and Australia :)

  3. Texas has warm oceans, so you could come here :)

  4. Thank you so much!! I am honored to be included. I have to think about this one. Your answers are great. We have plenty of beaches, but they may be too cold for you!!!!

    I love Selena's rainbow! It's perfect!