Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Science/Dental Care


We’ve been taking Selena to the dentist since she got her first teeth. Of course when she was younger all they did was fluoride treatments, which was a paint on fluoride. Six months ago she went for her first big girl check up but they really didn’t do anything but examine her teeth.  Thursday Selena had her real first big girl dentist appointment. She had x-rays, her teeth cleaned, examined, and fluoride.  She was a brave little trooper going in. The x-rays were a little scary and hard for her considering she had to hold those x-ray things in her mouth.

100_3832 She thought she was pretty cool wearing the sunglasses and getting ready for the cleaning to start. She didn’t really like the sound of the dental brush, so we will get her a battery operated toothbrush to see if we can’t get her use to a noise going in her mouth. Instead they chose to use a regular toothbrush.

100_3833 See she was one brave girl. She got the good to go from the dentist. The dentist counted her teeth, telling her she had 10 on top and 10 on the bottom to which Selena exclaimed I have 20 teeth total. That didn’t only shock the dentist, but me as well, since I have not worked on any addition beyond anything totaling more then 10. She got a new tooth brush, and tooth paste. She loved the rinse with the suction! You can’t start too young to start getting them use to visiting the dentist. She goes back again in 6 months.

She was very proud of herself, and so was I. She is off to a long time habit of great oral care.

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  1. Well done Selena, those dentists chairs can be scary!!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. It must be time for us to head in again. Dragging six into the office - isn't quite the fun, and peacefull picture you presented above. But, I do agree it's very important.

    Way to go Selena, on adding 10 + 10!

  3. Hey, I think the xrays are the worst part too -- they always jam those things sharply into your cheeks and your gums and then ask you to hold still (yeah right). My son also loves the flossers they give out at the dentist. When we pick out a new bag of them at the market, you'd think we were buying him candy.

  4. Congrats! I used to be fearful of dentists (had bad ones) so I made sure JC had a positive experience. I was so proud of her when she came out beaming!

  5. I'm with Joyful Learner, I don't like dentists, so I have to admit I'm a bad example to my kids.........

  6. That's great! I have a tough time with those x-rays too so I'm not looking forward to when the kids have to do it. I don't remember C having them done yet, but maybe he has. We have all of our checkups coming up over the next month. So far the kids have had no issues or fear of the dentist, which is a relief!

  7. Wow - your dentists start x-rays and cleanings early! I believe that Anna's dentist just inspected her teeth for cavities, but Lars took her for a visit, so I am not sure. Selena was a brave little trooper - X-rays are pretty unpleasant even for adults.