Monday, November 8, 2010

Dear Selena


Here we go into the magical time of year. It is so fun this year as you have so much more of an understanding of what is going on then ever before. It is hilarious that you found the Santa hat that went with a Santa outfit you had when you were born. You strain to put it on your head, and continuously ask us for our Christmas lists.

You have given me many ideas of what you want for Christmas, they are really nothing that I thought, but hey you are your own individual. It is funny how you don’t really understand the birthday thing, but that might be due to it being so close to Christmas, that it all just seems to flow into each other. I know as we get closer to your birthday you will begin to tell me what type of cake you want, and will look forward to whatever type of birthday party we throw together.

You always make us laugh, and at times you just can’t get enough hugs. Some of the cutest things you have said here of late, was when you called Sponge Bob Square Pants a block of cheese when you first seen  him at the store. Then a couple days later when you seen a block of cheese on TV you informed us that it was Bob Square Pants. What innocence!

The other day you informed me that Papa and I were Grandparents, after all we are Grandma and Grandpa, but that we are also mom and dad. I asked you if we are Grandparents are you a Granddaughter, and you informed me that you are the grandest daughter ever.

I love the way you always talk about our old house, and that this is your only home. I don’t know how you would react if we ever decided to move, you just insist you can’t live anyplace but in our old house.

I so look forward to the holidays with you this year, I know it is going to be even more magical for you then last year was.

We love you very much! Mama & Papa

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  1. What a wonderful letter! She sounds like such a sweet little girl.

  2. I love this letter. Selena is growing so fast, it's really bitter sweet.