Monday, November 15, 2010

Math Links/Odd Even and Patterns

This last week Selena and I have been taking a little closer look at numbers, more then just counting. we have been talking about odd and even. I brought this concept home by first having Selena distribute out an odd number of gold fish to her and I, it didn’t take her long to figure out that we had one left over no matter how she tried to divide them evenly. We then did the same with an even amount of gold fish.

I then took our number chart down and laid it on the floor, we took our math cubes and Selena pointed out very quickly that the white ones were one’s and the red ones two, odd and even. I asked her to put the white ones on the odd numbers and the red ones on the even numbers.

100_3899 It wasn’t too long that I began to see the wheels spinning in Selena’s head and she pointed out to me that she was making a puzzle. Just look at the expression on her face.

100_3900 She then went off on her own and started building her own pattern, well long sticks following the same pattern she discovered we were making on the number chart, she worked with these for a good hour or longer.

100_3901 100_3904 Yes, we sort of lost focus on our lesson but it was so much fun to see her just take off on her own and have so much fun with this.

I am linking this to Joyful Learner.

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  1. Those are totally the best lessons.

  2. Maybe she changed course, but she turned it into her own lesson. This is all great!

  3. So much can be done with Unifix cubes!

  4. She looks so grown up in the picture. Thanks for linking to math links!

  5. This is pretty neat that Selena is figuring out odd and even concept on her own terms. She looks pretty excited.

  6. Love the real life math problem you gave her!