Wednesday, November 3, 2010



We’ve been a little on the sick side here, we are still fighting our colds. Selena’s is pretty much gone, but mine has turned into a sinus infection. This week has been a little light on all our schooling activities. I was wondering though if Selena could tell me what we use a map for, and could find a few of the places we explored this summer.

100_3819 Selena answered my question about what a map is for, by telling me that it tells us how to get to different places that are fun to explore.

100_3820 While she quickly located where we live, I couldn’t flash the picture fast enough before she was pointing to the town on the map where we go to visit her favorite great great uncle, and where we watch the Daffodil Parade, and go for Thanksgiving.

100_3821 She easily moved from there to Spokane, where we went for vacation this summer. She was very confident, in not only telling me where it was, but also tracked it down following the lines of the freeways as to how we traveled both there and home.

100_3822 I asked her if she remembered our trip to Oregon. She exclaimed yes, and I asked her if she could remember where it was on the map. She studied the map for a little bit, and sure enough she pointed to the Columbia River that runs between Washington State and Oregon State. She then quickly identified Longview WA where we turned around to start our trip back home.

I was very pleased with how much she has retained from our geography lessons and map work. Sometimes I wonder how much she really does retain on such a complex subject as Geography, but you know she never lets me down in showing me that she not only has the passion for geography, but that she is also retaining so much of the information that we are presenting to her.

Now it is your turn, let us know what you are teaching and learning in your home in Geography or History.

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  1. Good job Selena! This is wonderful, there are still times when I use a map and get lost. Nice way to reinforce map skills.

  2. That is an impressive job of remembering. hope you get better soon

  3. That's terrific! Your method must be working - I'm surprised she remembered so much.

  4. We have not been well this week too. She does seem to love maps!

  5. This is great that Selena remembers so much from her actual experiences. Sometimes less is more in learning - less breadth means greater depth in knowledge of the subject.

  6. That is wonderful that she retained so much from the trip. Feel better soon! Kerri

  7. Oh, you are such a good teacher- I can just hear her enthusiasm!