Saturday, October 9, 2010

What My Child is Reading


The Best Pet Ever by Victoria Roberts was a book that was recommended by Natalie at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns. That was back in June, I requested a hold on this book and just got it a week ago. It is such a cute book about a little girl who wants a pet so bad. She begs her mom for one all the time, but at the same time she tries to make her own pet from rocks, gloves, candy wrappers and even a balloon. Selena loved this book. It easily became one of her favorite books this week.


The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle was recommended by Ticia at Adventures in Mommydum. Selena enjoyed this book, and loved having me change my voice from grouchy to nice.  She had a hard time following the small clocks up in the corner of the page. I got it due to the fact it did follow a timeline during the day from 6:00 A.M.  to 6:00 P.M. thinking we would do an extension to this book. I do however think we will look for a different book dealing with time to do more with. I would recommend this book so long as you don’t mind the fact that the grouchy ladybug is always wanting to pick a fight with everything. Now the story line does lead to a great conversation peace on  how sometimes even when the meanest person thinks they are tough, they truly are not as tough as they seem. Maybe this is where Selena lost the time concept, she was so concerned with why this grouchy ladybug wanted to fight.


Bernelly & Harriet by Elizabeth Dahlie was a book that Selena picked out for me. She kept grabbing books randomly and kept telling me she had found a book, as we examined them I would say I don’t think so and put them back. This one she grabbed and took it to the librarian and said I found this book for Mama. I didn’t realize until this time all these books she was picking out was not for her but for me. This is a cute story about a country mouse and a city mouse who are cousins. The country mouse gets tired of country living so plans a visit with her cousin. After a while of city life she decides she doesn’t like it and prepares to go home. Her cousin decides to go with her and experience country life. I think you can kind of guess what happens in the end. Selena didn’t enjoy the story, however, I did and yes, I read it just because Selena picked it out for me. She gleamed as I did so too.


Finally some of our Autumn books have started coming in. Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert is one that Leah at Almost Homeschoolers recommended. I believe I have seen it on other blogs too, but Leah’s is the one that comes to mind. Selena loved this book, she enjoyed the story line and she could really relate with the Leaf Man getting blown all over in the wind, since this is usually what happens to all our leaves. I would like to do an art project with this book, but all our leaves have dried up, so maybe I will get created and make some leaf cookies or something and Selena can decorate them.

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  1. We should read Leaf Man. I have heard of it but never read it. There is a fun list of leafy crafts on Frugal Family Fun blog right now (

  2. I'm glad Selena liked Leaf Man. And, thanks for the reminder about The Best Pet Ever - I meant to check that one out - but forgot :)

  3. Great suggestions this week. We're big fans of Ehlert as she is a WI author.

  4. Thanks for joining WMCIR. We went hiking today and picked up some leaves, but most of ours are still on the trees. I have Leaf Man from the library but holding out until we have more leaves on the ground. I am glad that Selena liked The Best Pet Ever - it's a cute book.

  5. Honestly, I'm not sure if my kids noticed the clock on the Grouchy Ladybug. But you're right there's so much you can talk about from it.

    I'm thinking of going back to that one when we introduce clocks, much as I'm not excited about the book personally, my kids love it.

  6. This is a strange book. The teaching time component seems really insignificant to the fact that the ladybug, isn't just grouchy, but is plain old mean; don't you think?

    We own this book (it sat hidden in the cupboard for awhile) and when we finally read it a couple of weeks ago, I felt like throwing it away. It was all very strange for an Eric Carle book to me.

    I think the kids enjoy it though. *roll eyes*

  7. I'll be getting Leaf Man when the leaves start changing color over here, and I think my 4-year-old would like The Best Pet Ever.

  8. oooh, The Best Pet Ever sounds great. My little one wants a dog. I'm pretty sure his daddy has been coaching him to ask me for a dog. Maybe we can come up with a creative solution using this book ;)