Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Trip

Selena and I didn’t do much sight seeing in Everett like I thought we would. We witnessed some things that I don’t want to particularly want to write on my blog, thankfully Selena was easily distracted so she didn’t see any of it. Let me just say this it was something I hope to never witness again.

As we drove through Seattle Selena got so excited she almost cried.

SafecoFieldTop She couldn’t believe her eyes when I pointed out Safeco Field where the Mariners play  baseball. She was almost screaming, that is where they swing the bat, bat the ball, and run around the bases!

Qwest_Field_North Next to that was the Qwest Field where the Seahawks play. Now Selena was screaming Go Seahawks! She was totally beside herself at this point.

Seattle When suddenly Selena looked up and seen all the big buildings of Seattle itself, she was truly over the top. All she could say was Oh Grandma, look at all those tall buildings. Oh Grandma they are so tall. This has to be the world’s largest city! At this point I explained no not the world’s larges city but the largest city in Washington State, she didn’t buy it though, she still claims this is the World’s largest City. Too bad she was sleeping when we came back through so she missed the view of the Space Needle.

100_3630 This was the view from our Hotel room, the mountains are the Olympic Mountains. Selena thought it was neat to see the one with the snow on it. She loved all the big busses that went by, but she didn’t care for all the noise of the big city.

One thing that Selena did that I am still laughing at, we got up Thursday morning early, and she had followed me once out to the car to put our suit case in. I was making the second trip to put a few other things in, and thought she was right behind me. I suddenly heard the hotel door closed, I stopped turned around and there was no Selena. I got my key out of my back pocket and as soon as I went to open the door, I realized Selena threw the metal bar across the top of the door, I was locked out. She just wasn’t tall enough to get it flipped back over and began to get scared. I told her to get the chair and drag it over to the door. I could hear her little feet going pitter patter across the floor and she kept telling me, I got it Grandma, it’s heavy but I am getting it and am coming. Once she got the chair to the door I told her to climb in the chair and unlock the door, she did and got so excited I then had to tell her to get down from the chair and move it so I could open the door. I think that was the highlight to our stay in Everett.

From the hospital we could look out and see a Navy Carrier. I knew there were some soldiers coming home that morning, and sure enough when we got done with everything at the hospital their ship was docked, but we could not find a single road that would give us a good enough vantage point to take any pictures, or to truly give Selena a good view of these vessels. I wish I could have found some place to drive to have really given her a good view, I just didn’t know enough about Everett to really know what direction to go.

I know a lot of you are wondering what we found out at the hospital itself. Well, we are still going through tests, but they are looking for a particular gene or chromosome that would cause all the problems we have been seeing in our family, from some of us being born with vertebras that are fused together with no surgery, to heart defects, to one kidney and some things we haven’t seen in the family that this same gene or chromosome could cause like deafness.

We are really still putting the puzzle together and have some more tests to go through, she did have x-rays of her spine, blood work, and was measured from head to toe, every limb, to every finger and toe. They are pretty sure the one side of her face being puffier then the other is a result of being such a large baby and over due by two weeks, it has nothing to do with any of this. We will be taking her for an echo of her heart and a hearing test. Once all this is put together then we may or may not have some conclusions. No matter what the Dr said Selena is very bright and advanced for her age, she said she has never heard a 3 year old with the speech, vocabulary, and understanding that Selena has. Of course Selena had to tell her she had a hypothesis, and the Dr. asked her what that meant and of course Selena explained it which the Dr was very surprised she could say the word let alone know what it meant.

I will keep you posted as we go along.

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  1. One time one of my boys locked himself into the bathroom and couldn't figure out how to unlock it. We had to get the manager of the store to get it unlocked.

    I'm guessing there's no hearing loss because she wouldn't be reading by now if there was. That's my uneducated guess.

  2. Selena not only sounds smart but sweet as well! She kind of reminds me of Anne of Green Gables the way you described her enthusiasm!

  3. I can just imagine how excited Selena was about Seattle. Anna acted that way when we came to San Francisco when she was a little over 3. We were there before, but she didn't remember it. And she was also blown away by New York, but not as much as by SF. It's nice that the doctor noticed Selena's abilities - I am sure that you can provide her at home with the education she deserves.