Saturday, October 2, 2010

What My Child Is Reading

We took advantage of the lovely day we had this week and walked to the library. None of our Autumn books are in yet, so we are still waiting, maybe we will have them before winter gets here.


Selena picked out Duck, Duck, Goose! (A Coyote’s On The Loose!) by Karen Beaumont. It is a easy read full of rhyming words. Each page blends right into the next one as all the animals run to get away from what they believe to be a coyote. Only to find in the end it is one of their little furry friends trying to catch up to play. Selena laughed and laughed at the end of the story and it has joined her stack of bedtime books that keep piling up in her bedroom.

Princess Princess says Goodnight by Maomi Howland illustrated by David Small was a  huge hit with Selena. It is a cute story about a little girl who goes through the routine of being a true princess, right down to having her own fine ladies-in-waiting. It made such a sweet bedtime story, and Selena loved the way it ended with the girl saying goodnight to the stars then jumping into bed. This is so Selena, not that she has fine ladies-in-waiting, but every night after she gets finished reading she has to open her windows to look and see if there are any stars just to say goodnight to.

FSees Stars Before we were done, Selena was asking for the easy Fancy Nancy books, as she calls them. We found two, the first one Fancy Nancy Sees Stars by Jane O’Connor is truly an adorable story. The children in Fancy Nancy’s class are going on a field trip to the planetarium. There is one twist though as Fancy Nancy’s parents are driving her and another classmate they end up stuck in traffic from a rain storm. Fancy Nancy just knows they have missed the field trip. The next day she discovers the entire class missed the field trip so they will get to try to go again. I liked the way the book introduced constellations and Selena was surprised when she learned that Earths closest star is the Sun. Do you see the possibility for a stART project coming?

FPoison Ivy Fancy Nancy Poison Ivy Expert by Jane O’Connor is a cute story on how Fancy Nancy thinks she knows all about Poison Ivy as she picks flowers for a surprise birthday present for her teacher. Only to discover that she didn’t know as much as she thought when she breaks out with a terrible rash. She learns a valuable lesson that while she knows the little rhyme of green leaves of three let it be, poison ivy actually turns red in the colder weather.

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  1. That's cute that she says goodnight to the stars. We enjoy the Fancy Nancy easy readers, too!

  2. This second book sounds lovely. We also enjoyed both Fancy Nancy readers - both stories were very nice. I hope your fall book will come in soon!

  3. I need to get those Fancy Nancy books--I think my 4-year-old would like them.

  4. Have her books fallen over on her yet? We've had that happen to Jeff and I a few times.