Friday, October 1, 2010

Mr. Rogers/Lesson in Backpacks


We don’t watch Mr. Rodgers, but today I had some things that really needed my attention, so I let Selena watch the show. I can’t say it is one of her favorite shows but today she found it very interesting. She was so quiet I had to come in and see what was going on, you know silence isn’t always a good thing.

They were talking about how to make a backpack on Mr. Rogers. Selena was so glued to this that even my presence did not sway her from what she was watching. When it was over she ran and grabbed her backpack, and began to describe to me what she had learned.

100_3604 First she described how they attach the shoulder straps with the adjustable straps.

100_3608 Then she moved on to the zipper. She told me how they sew it on, and how it zips up and around to open or close the backpack.

100_3606 There you have it, Selena now believes she is a backpack expert. I love it when all of a sudden something just catches her attention, and she pays such close attention to every detail, then displays to me just what she has learned.

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  1. Well, Selena is definitely an engineer in the making - it's fun to see them making sense of what they watched or learned.

  2. Real life learning at it's best and shows that you can learn from the isn't all about doom and gloom is it :)

  3. My kids are the same way about how food is made