Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

One day I was sitting at my computer, Selena crawled under my desk and asked, “Mama where are you?” I asked, “Well, where are you?”

While at the library, Selena kept grabbing just random books and announcing I found a book grandma. We would quickly look at it and decide it wasn’t a very interesting book and put it back. Finally she grabbed a book bypassed me and went to the librarian and announced, “I picked out a book for my grandma!”

Every time we walk to the library, we get within sight of the building and Selena always announces, “There is the library!” I always ask, “How do you know it is the library?” She usually answers, “It has letters on top of the building.” This trip however when I asked her the same question as usual she announced,  “Because we always drive by it!”

Papa and I broke down and bought new cell phones. I took the battery our of my old one and gave it to Selena. She told Papa that it was her cell phone. He asked her why it was her cell phone. She announced, “Because it’s not yours.”

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  1. I think it's very logical for Selena to know the library from the fact that you drive by it. "It's not yours" comment made me laugh.

  2. Obviously it's not your phone

    Sigh. Sitting at doctor office for kid who two hour ago was dying of pain and now is happily playing