Monday, October 4, 2010


Selena has been asking to do a sensory/touch bin since she watched an episode of Sid the Science Kid about just that touch.

I wanted to do it just a little bit different then how they showed it on Sid the Science Kid. So I found some items in and around the house then found something to cover Selena’s eyes. She didn’t really care to have her eyes covered, but after the first item, and my holding the cover over her eyes she began to warm up to this game.

100_3610 This was just one of her attempts to take the wrap off her eyes, as it unfolded and fell over her face, I think that was the one thing she didn’t like about this, once I started holding it and removing it then she was fine. She didn’t guess the first item but I loved her description: It is rough, a little scratchy, what is it? what is it?

100_3613 A dish scrubber.


The rest of the items were fun and not so easy to guess. 2nd item plastic fork: She did say the fork felt pointy but smooth then guessed fork. 3rd item cupcake decoration: The little cupcake decoration, she again said it was pointy, smooth but rough and never did quite guess what it was (I threw that in there as I figured it would be harder for her to guess.) 4th item bow: This one Selena guessed right from the get go, she described it as being soft and silky. 6th item pompom: Selena said this was soft, and squishy, but she did have a little harder time trying to figure out what to call it. Though she finally settled for something between a cotton ball and art thingy. 7th item rock: Selena described this as heavy yet smooth and yelled out rock right away.

Outside of the fact she had to have her eyes covered Selena enjoyed this game. Next time I think I will go for the sense of smell since she has been all about smelling everything I open or are preparing in the kitchen.

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  1. I might have to try that game again. I've tried it a couple of times, but the kids have never liked it. Maybe if I had a blindfold the size of their face.

  2. Anna would have never agreed to be blindfolded - Selena took quite a leap of faith here. We played a similar game as a "mystery bag" - I was putting the objects in the bag, and Anna had to touch them, describe them and guess them - big fun!

  3. I don't see my kids letting me blindfold them, but they might enjoy Natalie's "mystery bag" game.

  4. Fun idea! I bet my son would be resistant to the blindfold too. But, if he could get around that, I think he'd really enjoy it.

  5. I have been wanting to do the same thing but with a box where my daughter puts her hand in and feels the object.

    This looks like lots of fun!