Friday, October 22, 2010

Preschool Corner/Week in Review

preschool corner

Though I sit here and for some reason think we didn’t do much this week, I realize when I look back on my blog that we did do quite a bit. Everyday always seems to hold new learning adventures. While I haven’t been up to par this week, Selena has enjoyed a lot of one on one play, reading, and learning with me and with Papa in the evenings.


Selena is becoming more and more confident with her reading skills. Even many of the books that are above her reading level, she is more willing to try to read on her own with our assistance. She has really been telling how to spell words as we write and play together.


Selena’s favorite book for math continues to be The Penny Pot. She is really working very hard at helping us to count the coins pictured on the pages, and can tell us the amount over the .50 that will go in the pot. She still doesn’t quite understand the quarters, but she enjoys counting the dimes, nickels and pennies. I am thinking we might have to buy this book, as I know she is going to be upset when we have to return it to the library.

She is also doing a lot more adding and subtracting off the top of her head. She is forever telling me something like 4 + 3 = 7 or some subtraction problem.


We had a lot of science the beginning of the week. We looked at friction and inertia. Then we also talked about balance, and yes Selena is still playing with her plastic bottles. She is continuously coming up with ideas for us to investigate, and is really asking about camouflage here lately.

We missed a field trip with the homeschool group here to the cranberry bogs. I was really bummed about that but I suppose there is always another time.


A week ago we had some problems with Selena in dance class, while she is learning to dance, she was not wanting to follow directions very well. I refused the instructor to give her a sticker at the end of class. Through the week, Selena played this scenario out in her imaginary play, first having her teddy bear be herself and disrupting the class, then having her teddy bear as herself, cooperating. When it came time for class this week, Selena tried very hard to do what was asked of her without being told more then once. This was quite difficult when one little girl came in with ribbons throughout her hair, fairy wings on, and her little brother was watching a cartoon on mom’s phone. All the girls were having problems focusing with all that going on. That is one reason they have a dress code, and do not like parents to stay during class. I have talked with Michael about switching her to another school in Aberdeen next year, though it will cost a little more, I have heard the instructor is very good.

Ok, about me. Just as I think I am getting over this and going to be on the mend, it seems there is yet another stone to pass. We are still just in this wait and hold pattern. I am very tired, and spoke with my Dr. today on the phone. He said if this continues to head to ER. As of tonight I am not hurting, but we have decided if the pain comes back we will head on to the hospital. Sorry there wasn’t any pictures with this, but I didn’t want to go through my files to find them all.

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  1. You've got our prayers again! Doug has dealt with kidney stones, and has great sympathy for anyone going through it.

  2. I'm so sorry for all that you are going through right now. I hope the kidney stone passes and you can feel better soon.

  3. I keep praying for you. It sounds very painful.

  4. I am sorry that you are still in pain. It's so hard to take care of a young child while one is under the weather. I like how you handled the dance class situation. I hope Selena will continue to enjoy her class.

  5. Praying you can have some relief from the pain.

    Love the way Selena played out the dance class scenario. Seems quite mature.

    I have put The Penny Pot on hold at our library. You've really intrigued me.

    Tabitha came to me the other day with her wipe off board. She had written the word cat with no prompting and was so proud of herself. We are still working on the Bob Books. Curious as to what Selena has been reading. I am embarrassed to say I haven't been reading up very regularly, and am not sure what you have done recently. Last I knew you were working on Progressive Phonics.