Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Tiny Talk

Pastor’s wife was telling me she asked Selena one evening if she could write her name, Selena told her no. She then asked her, how she spelled her name. Selena responded breaking her name down into syllables, “Se le na”

The other night Selena was playing with her baby doll, feeding it, burping it, just being a happy little mommy. After about 15 minutes or so she brought the baby doll to me and said, “Change the batteries grandma.”

We had to take Papa to emergency one day when his poor broken tooth got to hurting him so bad, and the medicines the dentist gave him to tide him over until they can pull it wasn’t working. As the nurse was taking Papa’s temperature, and blood pressure, Selena looked up and announced, “This is just marvelous! Now you can take my blood pressure.”

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  1. That last one is awesome! When's he getting in to fix his tooth? That sounds horrible.

  2. that's cute that she thought to break it into syllables like that! too funny!

  3. I love reading the quotes - it makes the blog children so much closer. The last one is too funny about "marvelous".

  4. I bet having Selena along helped ease the ER visit for Papa. Her comment was right up there with my younger one's declaration of the ambulance ride when his brother fell and hit his head as "the most fun I've ever had!" I just couldn't help but smile - he was so clueless to the worry and pain all around him, and that was a good thing that day!

  5. She sure likes being examined by doctors! First at your visit and now at her Papas. Maybe she'll grow up to be a doctor.