Thursday, September 23, 2010

stART/Charlotte’s Web


With all the spiders busy at work building webs every where we look, I thought it would be fun to read Charlotte’s Web again. I love this level 2 book by Jennifer Frantz since it is such a short version of Charlotte’s Web and easily keeps the attention of the young mind. Selena loves this story and I am sure that one day the Novel Charlotte’s Web will be one of favorite reads.

We took some time to observe a spider outside our front window as it was busy building it’s web.

100_3552 I decided to take a piece of board that I had and some thumb tacks and thread and see if Selena and I could design our own Spider web. I did most of the work, but Selena had to help me figure out where to take the thread next in order to make her web appear. I had one rule for her to follow, the thread could not overlap itself as we moved it from thumb tack to thumb tack, she had to go a different direction with it. I loved watching her little mind figure this out.

100_3555 She was pretty proud of all the different angles she came up with as we zigzagged the thread around the thumb tacks. Papa asked her where the spider was, and she informed him it’s gone for right now, it will be back later.

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  1. She looks very pleased with her web! =)

  2. That's great...literature, art, and science all in one!

  3. I remember doing something very similar to that in math in 7th grade and loving it.

  4. She sure can weave a radiant web! No words though? :)

  5. Well, I would be equally proud! What a fabulous web she made!!

    Kids Get Crafty

  6. This is a great project, and it definitely begs for a spider :) That spider that you photographed looks huge.

  7. She does look very pleased with her project. I love Charlotte's Web. :-)