Friday, September 24, 2010

Preschool Corner Week 7 2010

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As I stated last week that I am determined to do more hands on activities with Selena. We have had so much fun this week doing just that. Several mornings this week Selena has woke up just begging for her newest favorite game, Yahtzee. I enjoy pulling the game out and watch how quickly Selena is learning and becoming more confident in her choices of what dice to keep and which ones to roll again.


Selena is continuing to read in her first grade reader. She loves the story and looks forward to sitting down and read it to me every day. She asks for her school work, which is her reading or math throughout the day.

She also has accumulated many books in her bedroom where she is found during quiet time or many other times where she reads to herself and her stuffed animals. Wednesday we put Selena to bed, she quietly got up and turned her bedroom light back on, retreated back to her bed where we found her reading. We just let her read to her heart’s content, on which she got up turned off her light and crawled back in bed and fell asleep. I guess I will be shopping for a bed side lamp for her her here real soon.


We had fun this week talking more about Estimation. Along with working on our addition facts. It is fun to watch as Selena observes every little detail and while at first she might not understand, she quickly figures it out. I really enjoyed doing the water estimation experiment we did. I was surprised at how well Selena was able to observe the different shape and sizes of the glasses to determine where the water level would land. I loved the fact that she was able to tell me that while the fluked glass was taller then the other’s because of it’s skinny shape it would not hold all the water the other glasses had held.



In a way Science just seemed to be a theme this week. Everything we did seemed to be around some sort of a science experiment, from Math, Geography, Art, and then our science experiment introducing the concept of a chemical reaction. While Selena did not understand the entire chemical reaction, she did have fun watching the colors fizz and blend when we worked with baking soda and vinegar.



We had fun learning all about what an Island is. I got the idea from her Science book, which posed the question of how God created the Earth. This was one experiment I had hoped to be able to go outside and do on a larger scale with dirt and water, but with the rains we have been having I had to resort to materials here inside the house. I still love the fact that Selena refuses to think of taking a boat to get off the Island, and tells me that if that was the only means of transportation off, she would just be stuck, unless we let her ride a whale.



We had fun making our own spider web after observing the spider in our window. We also read Charlotte's Web to go with this. Selena loves this book, and could hear the story over and over again.

100_3555 There was so much more that we did this week. We had so much fun playing imaginary play, games, making up stories, songs, and just laughing. It was a much better week, then we have been seeing, so I am sure we are going to be continuing what we are doing.

Selena has been on me all week to look up different things on the Internet. Spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, the list goes on and on. It’s been so fun doing quick little pieces of research with her.

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  1. You had a great hands on week, it looks like so much fun.

  2. You seem to be off to a good start, at keeping it hands on!

  3. We need to get the Yantze game! Sounds like so much fun. I love the spider web. I made something like that in 5th grade. It was for math.

  4. I still think the island is so amusing. I need to go back to that post and link up my mummy. I thought I was going to have another post to link up as well this week, but the computer ate my homework.....

  5. That's great that you guys are doing spontaneous research on the internet.

  6. Sounds like a great week. I am glad that Selena is so enthusiastic about her school work, and I am also amused to see that you have a late night reader as well.