Sunday, September 5, 2010

Selena’s First Letter

I don’t normally post so many posts in one day, but I thought this was something we just had to share. Selena asked if she could write a letter to her friends who live in Virginia. How could I resist?

firstletter You will have to click on it and make it larger to be able to read it. Selena knows how to write almost all her letters, due to lack of confidence, she does ask that I just cup her hand, more for stability with the pencil I believe, but I in no way help her form her letters at all. The only thing I did was correct her one o in the last sentence, and wrote her name for her. Selena doesn’t like to write her name on her own, I think because of it’s length.

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  1. I have had the same problem with our very long last name -Bergenholtz! They are not anxious to write it themselves!

  2. Their firsts are so precious, aren't they? Great job Selena!

  3. This is so neat - Selena is definitely taking off with her writing and letter formation. It's also very sweet that she wanted to write a letter to her friends.