Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Selena

3 years 9 months


It’s been three months since I sat down to reflect on where you have come in your development. We have seen so many wonderful growth spurts over the summer. There are the obvious changes, you’ve gotten taller, gained more weight, out grown your clothes, but we have watched you emerge into a very independent, confident individual.

You have gained more patience and a longer attention span. We enjoy that you are able to now sit with us in church until the children are dismissed and hardly fidget. You are realizing you do not need things to keep you totally entertained or busy when we have to wait. I love the way you look around your surroundings to see what others are doing and tend to follow suit with your behavior, but at the same time you are now making choices to not follow suit with other children who may not be as patient and who may be running around. Your skill of making right choices that best fit you are becoming more defined.

You always find time just for you. We often find you sitting with a book, just glaring out the window, or sitting in deep thought. At times these moments bring up some of the best imaginary talk, stories, play, and very deep and interesting questions. This tells me that you are truly a thinker, realizing that time spent quiet in thought and meditation can truly lead to some fabulous fun times of exploring and play later.

Your fine motor skills are advancing at such a speed right now. I see this in your coloring and many other things you do. I can just sit for hours and watch you work with your little hands, you use them with such confidence and we see less struggles in getting the task at hand done. From little tasks to large tasks, you have the confidence and motor skills to get the job done.

I am always amazed over your ability to remember just about everything. You only need to hear something once or twice and it is as though you have it memorized. This ability will be good in the future for you and throughout life.

You are truly growing up before our eyes.

Love, Mama & Papa

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  1. This lovely Debbie. I really like that you take the time to write these. She will treasure them in the years to come. :)

  2. Beautiful post! It looks like Selena is doing awesome. Little thinkers are great :)

  3. "Glaring out the window." Was she mad? :)

    Wonderful post, but that bit amused me. I'm guessing you mistyped and meant to say staring.

    I love to listen to kids imaginary play, it's so amusing.

  4. I hope you back these up - so they're never lost!

  5. She is going to love reading this blog someday!