Saturday, August 28, 2010

What My Child Is Reading

Selena lost her library day this week. I don’t like resorting to this but since she has made the decision to no longer take naps, then she needs to learn to behave come evening. After a couple of evenings of some power struggles, I finally took her to just drop off her library books and we discussed why she would not get to go in and look for more. I would say this did have an impact and she is calming herself down. So with that said I went to my secret book stash and pulled out some books for her.


Mice At Bat by Kelly Oechsli is a Level 2 reader. It is a cute story about a baseball game being played by two teams of mice. The game is close so one team brings in their big hitter, who is a rat, but don’t fret the other team have a secret weapon of their own. We enjoyed this book, especially after Papa’s math lesson, this book seemed perfect to reinforce just how the game of baseball is played. It is a rather long book for a 3 year old, so we did split it up into two sittings, but it described how the teams think through the game, and plan the next game accordingly. Play by play the game gets pretty exciting.

Abugabearandaboy A Bug, A Bear, and a Boy Go to School by David McPhail is a level 1 reader. This book takes a trip through an average day at school for a Bug, a Bear and a Boy. They do everything one would expect to find in a school, from writing their names, reading, art, and play. This was a book that Selena was able to read fairly independently. It is a cute story with good illustrations. It got a thumbs up from Selena.


Bookstore Cat by Cindy Wheeler is another level 1 reader. Selena again found it a fairly easy read. It is a very funny story about a cat who works in a bookstore. His number one rule is “NO BIRDS ALLOWED!”, but one day he finds himself with two birds in the bookstore. It was hilariously funny to read how this cat deals with two birds flying around in the bookstore.

To see what others are reading in their homes visit Natalie at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns.

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  1. We love the Bear, Bug, and Boy books - they are a favorite "first reader" series, here.

  2. I think my son would love Bookstore Cat too! (PS just subscribed, looking forward to following your posts from now on).

  3. Those look so cute. Now I'm curious what the other team's secret is.

  4. Bookstore Cat sounds pretty funny indeed. I didn't know that David McPhail has early reader series, we enjoyed some of his picture books a lot. Thanks for great recommendations and joining WMCIR!