Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Yesterday we were playing silly games with Selena. Nothing much in particular, just letting her lead the way as her imagination was at work.

She looked up and said, “I am going to be a hippo.”

Papa and I sat their and watched, waiting for her to be a hippo.

She looked at me and asked, “Are you listening?”

I guess I was suppose to tell her it was ok to be a hippo or something.

A bit later our game went to Simon says. Selena is trying to understand the concept of this game, but hasn’t quite figured it out yet. She decided it was her turn to be Simon.

Selena: “Simon says grab your hair.”

So we grabbed our hair.

Selena: “Simon says go really fast.”

We’re looking at her holding our hair, “Selena, what are we suppose to go real fast at?”

Selena: “Pulling your hair out!”

I just have to add one other one. The other night Selena could not stay out of anything. I turned around after she had been quiet for a bit and she drew a face on our white board. She informed me she had drew Papa. I thought a minute, and then asked where she got the dry erase pen. She pointed to a box, I opened it and asked her which pen she used, she showed me a permanent ink marker, so now we have Papa permanently watching over us while we do our schooling everyday. Later she informed me, “I ruined your white board, I am so sorry Mama!”

I am linking this up at Tiny Talk Tuesday hosted by Not before 7.

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  1. The comment about pulling your hair really fast cracked me up. Don't you feel like pulling your hair out sometimes? I sure do!

  2. Hilarious, it is so funny to actually listen to kids think while they talk, they are so unique in how they express themselves!

  3. So what does being a hippo look like (or sound like), I'm wondering? What cute stories--and such a sweet apology for her marker mistake.

  4. Actually she got down on the floor on all fours, that was her hippo, she didn't make any sound, I think she asked if we were listening because we didn't say "OK"

  5. No guarantees but rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover might get it off. Just don't douse the whole thing.

    Sorry about your board, but the story was cute. And releiving to hear my kids aren't the only ones who get into everything.

  6. Retrace the drawing, in the same permanent pen, rubbing it with a wet rag as you go, and it will come right off - or at least, that's always worked for us :)

  7. Oh my goodness, pulling the hair out is so so funny!

    Well, at least it was your white board. I don't know if you know what a Smartboard is but its a piece of technology that they use is schools now. The teacher will "write" on the board with special "pens" but they aren't actually writing on it at all because its a screen. Well, my very first day of substitute teaching, I wrote on one with a dry erase marker and it wouldn't come off! Luckily the kids stopped me before I wrote more than a little line but I thought that they were going to make me pay thousands of dollars or something for ruining their equipment.

  8. very cute, I bet she was disappointed when she realised what she had done to the board.

  9. The pulling the hair out fast made me laugh! We had the same problem when a friend came over and drew on our white board. I have to try some some of the solutions mentioned here. So sweet for Selena to apologize.

  10. I also got a good chuckle out of the hair pulling story. Glad to know mine aren't the only ones getting into things. I have a beautiful drawing on our playroom closet door. Fortunately I caught Amelia before she used the wrong marker on the wipe-off abc book they have. Though I will keep An Almost Unschoolers Mom's advice in the back of my mind.

  11. Oh my goodness - what a cute gal! Welcome to TTT!

    Love the Simon Says game!

    Hope you get something to take off that marker - but that apology was certainly sweet!

    Happy TTT!