Friday, August 13, 2010

Preschool Corner Week 1 2010

preschool corner

We are enjoying being back to more of a formal learning style. It is going slow, just getting back into the swing of things but so far Selena loves her math book, writing, and phonics. She is cracking me up she asks for arts and crafts but then refuses to do any coloring, or cutting and gluing. I try to explain we can’t do art without doing something along this line. I still think she is still over whelmed with this new experience.
The first part of her math book is a review of the concepts we worked on last year and reinforces writing her numbers. This week we have worked on the numbers 1 and 2.
100_3389 100_3390 Reading:
Right now our reading is focused around phonics, which is a review from much of what we done last year as well. It is really emphasizing that we read from left to right. The instructions call for the child to read a line of letters and to circle the ones that are not “A, a”. The first day we followed the directions, then I decided to make sure that Selena wasn’t just looking for the non A letters, so I made her redo the page using markers, making sure she was indeed reading every letter. This also emphasizes on hearing the sound of the first letter of a word. I say the word and Selena without seeing the word has to tell me if it starts with the letter a or not.
100_3388 Writing:
We have been practicing A a and the numbers 1 and 2 this week. We also have been working to make sure she has her circles going in the correct direction. She does fine with her circles so long as she is making letters out of them other wise she wants to draw them in the wrong direction, almost as if she was left handed.
100_3387 100_3390 Geography:
We did so much on our vacation, that our Geography has all been based around all that we seen and learned while on vacation. This week was all about Spokane and it’s wonderful park, Riverfront Park.
100_3309 Science:
We started working working in our Science book. We plan a trip to the fair this weekend, so hopefully we will find something there that will lead into a great Science discussion.
Selena had fun exploring her beads and pipe cleaners. We also explored our number board and new number cards.
I had all intentions of starting stART this week, then realized my doctor’s appointment was at 11:00 instead of 2:00 like I thought, so Thursday was a bust except for the sticker book I took with us to the doctor’s office. Selena is still receiving the High Five bonus puzzle books and continues to love them.
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  1. Maybe you should let Selena plan a craft project, and she what sort of thing she comes up.

  2. Her handwriting is amazing! So, what direction is the wrong direction?

  3. I am impressed with Selena's handwriting. We have been on cutting/gluing strike too, and Anna is only interested in coloring if I color my own page with her :)

  4. Looks great. Crumpet has the same issue with drawing o's...