Monday, July 26, 2010

Water Balloons

We were not disappointed when we woke up on Saturday, the clouds burned off quickly and the sun warmed everything up very nicely. I spent about an hour filling water balloons, had a few pop on me in the kitchen sink, but hey that is the pure fun of it. Papa tried, but quickly realized he didn’t remember how to do it or didn’t want to do it, it was probably more fun for  him to watch me make the mess.


Selena didn’t quite know what to think of all these water filled balloons. I know at first she thought they were regular balloons filled with air. When she picked up the first one though, she wasn’t sure what was in it, but then quickly announced, “It is filled with water.” She wasn’t sure she liked the idea of having these water balloons tossed at her feet so that they would pop. She definitely did not like the idea that if she sat hers down it might pop instantly.

100_3242 100_3247

Papa and I both took turns chasing Selena around with the water balloons. She ran and screamed, then laughed, soon to beg us to not throw anymore balloons at her.

100_3248 We tried to persuade Selena to throw the balloons back at us, but she didn’t like that idea. She told me I could throw them at Papa. At one point we got a good game of catch going which just amazed Selena that the balloon was popping. This kept drawing her closer and closer until finally we were able to bombard her with two balloons at one time. At one point after Papa complained that his slipper got wet, Selena decided she would just wear Papa’s slippers, that would stop the throwing of the water balloons. You can see in the picture below, she forgot to put them back on after retrieving two purple water balloons.

100_3249 After our balloon fun Selena played in her pool. Her and I discovered this little fellow just hanging out, Selena kept running back over to investigate him. We just had to look him up to discover he is called the Red Veined Darter.

100_3251 Thank goodness for some fresh Sunny air, to uplift the spirits, and bring on so much fun, laughter and wonderful family time.

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  1. It's just not summer without a good water balloon fight! I'm so glad you were able to introduce Selena to them.

  2. What a pretty insect!

    I'm so buying water balloons today.

    Bright idea of hers to get the slippers.

  3. Love the pictures - it looks like fun. Anna tried water balloons during our block party - they had a tossing game. She was mildly amused. What she adores is her water squirter guns - best $1 investment of this summer :)